LCCA Opens New Tours for its 2023 Convention!
LCCA opens new tours for its 2023 Convention! The response to the 2023 Concord Convention has been exceptional. Two tours, the visit to the Lionel Facility, and the Wednesday NASCAR Motor Sports tour to multiple racing team shops quickly filled up. The Lionel and the LCCA have been able to open an additional tour to the Lionel facility on Wednesday morning and another Wednesday tour to visit two different NASCAR racing teams. Read More :.

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New Members in the LCCA Leadership team!
During the last 3 months, two of our LCCA elected directors resigned their position due to unforeseen health issues. In both cases, as President, I offered LCCA members to fill the remaining terms of office and with the Board of Directors approval, made 2 new Director appointments. Read More :.

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LCCA Members have a 10% Discount at the Lionel Store -
How To Receive Your Lionel Product Discount - Membership in the LCCA includes a 10% discount on products ordered through the Lionel LLC store. To receive your discount, call the Lionel Store (800-628-6202) and give the sales representative your name and LCCA club member number. You will be given the final price and pay with a credit card over the phone. Read More :.

Additional Members Stories

LCCA is proud to offer a new Christmas Car for 2022.
The LCCA is proud to offer a new Christmas Car for 2022. First announced at the Annual Convention in Nashville, TN, it is finished in the same colorful and carefree style of prior LCCA Christmas Cars and makes a wonderful addition to the ongoing series or as a standalone reminder of a special year. Read More :.

Additional Product Development Stories

Lionel releases most recent Catalog
The New Lionel 2023 Big Book Catalog has been released and on our LCCA website as the next fun filled ‘Wish Book’ for us to explore and enjoy. As with past catalogs, the LCCA website includes almost all the Lionel consumer catalogs published form 1900 to this most recent 2023 catalog. Read More :.

LCCA Activates Additional Functions (Phase 2) of eTrak system
On Monday, October 10, the LCCA launches Phase 2 of the new eTrak system. Members will now be again able to search Ads and Product Functions. This news story explains how to perform searches as Phase 2 comes on line. The entire eTrak portion of the LCCA site has been rewritten for our new servers with up-to-date programing and new features making it easier to use. Read More :.

Additional Publications Stories

Introducing Patrick Cudzilo, LCCA's new Junior Member Coordinator!
Hi Jr. Members! I want to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Patrick Cudzilo and I am the new Jr. Members club coordinator!! I am really excited to start my new position as your director and to keep this the best train club on the planet! Read More :.

NEW VERSION 2.0 Modular Railroad Manual
The New Version 2.0 Lionel/LCCA Modular Layout has been released containing 20 additional pages and includes the plans for a new small radius module and several module layouts. Manual is now available for viewing, printing and use. Build a module for yourself. Read More :.

April 1 & 2, 2023 – LCCA at the Rocky Mountain Train Show, Denver, CO
April 1-2, 2023, Rocky Mountain TCA Show, Denver, CO Read More :.

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