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Recap of the LCCA 2023 Annual Convention in Concord

The LCCA 53rd Annual Convention was held in Concord, North Carolina, the home of Lionel. Over 400 members (800 in total) attended. Lionel assisted in the planning. The joint efforts of Lionel and the LCCA resulted in a Great convention. This recap of this wonderful week gives a great summary of one of the BEST LCCA CONVENTIONS YET! more

2023 LCCA Convention and Year End Product

The 53rd LCCA National Convention held in Concord, NC in late July of 2023 was not only highly successful, but it was also noteworthily in so many ways. By the Numbers, 418 members registered (with over 800 in attendance). 2,810 tour seats were sold. 600 attendees were able to visit the Lionel Facility in Concord. The LCCA and its members celebrated this week with the introduction of a number of new and exciting products. more

LCCA introduces the 2023 Concord Convention Cars – a 2-Car SET!

The LCCA has announced the 2023 Concord Convention Cars! Keeping with the LCCA policy of providing convention cars that depict and/or represent railroads or events having a current or historical connection to the convention city/state. For 2023 they are a two-pack of Std O (Standard O) tank cars packaged together in a specially designed LCCA box. One car is a Southern tank car in heritage paint scheme and the other is a Norfolk Southern tank car in an early heritage scheme. more

LCCA Registration and Cancellation Policy

The LCCA invites and welcomes members to attend the annual LCCA Convention and Business Meeting and encourages them to register early. The LCCA understands that sometimes, even the most solid of plans change and a member who registers in a timely manner would need to cancel their reservation. more
Anatomy of an LCCA Convention

Anatomy of an LCCA Convention

The annual LCCA convention has been a favorite time of fun and fellowship for many of our members. Held during one of the last two weeks of July per our Constitution, the convention changes cities each year, moving around the US to visit and explore all areas of our country, focusing where available on current train excursions that exist in that locale. more