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Convention Car

The LCCA 2020 Convention Car Set
LCCA 2020 Convention Car Set

2020 LCCA Convention Car Set.

The LCCA designs and Lionel produces a limited-edition Convention Car every year. The décor of each car in this long-standing tradition is related to the locale of the Convention or based on a railroad serving that area.

It is offered for purchase to members only and to those who join the club in order to buy one.  Because the production run of this car is limited, it is relatively rare and often becomes an instant collectible.  The car becomes a souvenir of the Convention for use by members on a train layout or for display.

This car was created to celebrate our 50th annual convention with a visit to the Omaha, Nebraska. The cars features metal sprung silver trucks, working couplers, and the work caboose shows welders in action. According to tradition, the convention car contains discreet LCCA markings.

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The LCCA Omaha convention, like so many other functions in 2020 was cancelled, the result of Covid-19.  But these cars continue the tradition of exceptional, unique cars.  The LCCA has offered a UP diesel and a number of matching UP cars.  These two cars are not only Convention cars, but an integral part of our LCCA UP train.  Check back for additional information on subsequent offerings.

Many LCCA members collect the Convention Cars as mementos of attending LCCA Conventions and/or as niche collectibles. Some members display them on a designated shelf in their train room at home. Because this car is unique, it is also offered to the public as a benefit for joining "The Best Toy Train Club on the Planet" and an incentive to continue collecting cars in this annual series in the future.

These O-gauge cars were made exclusively by Lionel, LLC for the LCCA.  

Limit two car sets per member. Cars are available from the LCCA until sold out.  Cars are expected for delivery in December 2019. Click here for Ordering information or by calling 815-223-0115.