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LCCA Announces 2024 Convention Car - A UP Boat Loader

LCCA Announces 2024 Convention Car celebrating its 54th Anniversary Convention in Omaha this July. The car, a boat carrier, comes with 4 multicolored boats and is another in the LCCA UP series of cars. The LCCA will be offering several other UP cars before and after the convention. This yellow and red car has silver sprung trucks, has the UP full herald and proudly carries the American Flag.

This car is based on the postwar Lionel 6416 boat carrier offered 
between 1961 and 1963. The boats on the 6416 came in white hulls and blue tops and red hulls with white tops. There are some that say other combinations were offered, but there is NO QUESTION that the LCCA boat carrier comes with 4 boats by Lionel and provided in 4 unique colors. The boats will come in a Lionel clamshell so members will have the opportunity to load the cars themselves.

The car is offered one to a member and expected to be delivered in the fall of 2024. It can be ordered now on the LCCA website or by calling the business office at 815-223-0155. Cost is $95.00 plus $16 shipping and handling. Based on sales of prior cars, this car is expected to sell out. Order NOW, do not be disappointed and miss out on this LCCA exclusive car. Limited to 475 cars produced. The Lionel number for this car is #2401230. The separately packed pack of boats has the Lionel number #2230120.

The full color ad for this car can be seen – Click Here

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