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View the “Wish Books”

Click on the icons below to view the latest Lionel catalogs online:

2024 Lionel Catalogs

2024 Big Book CatalogBig Book
Volume 1

2024 Legacy April ET44Lionel
Legacy ET44

2024 HO Spring ReleaseLionel
HO Scale

2023 Lionel Catalogs

2023 Big Book CatalogBig Book
Volume 1

2023 Big Book 2nd CatalogBig Book
Volume 2

2019 Lionel Catalogs

2019 Vol 2 CatalogVolume 2

2019 Big Book CatalogBig Book

2018 Lionel Catalogs

2018 Vol 2 CatalogVolume 2

2018 Big Book CatalogBig Book

Lionel Catalogs released in 2013 and earlier are only available in PDF form. In 2014, Lionel started to use new flipbook web technologies. Best if viewed with Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.

2013 Lionel Catalogs

2013 Lionel Signature Catalog Signature Edition

2013 Lionel Ready-To-Run Catalog

2013 American Flyer Catalog
American Flyer

2013 Lionel Fall Catalog

2013 Lionel Christmas Catalog