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Website Feedback

The LCCA after over 10 years using an older website design embarked on a complete redesign of its website in late 2010. You are now experiencing the results of this redesign launched in early August 2011. While we think we have improved significantly on its design, navigation, access to more content, and just a plain better layout, we know it is not perfect. We welcome your feedback - positive or negative -and help in improving it further. We already have plans underway to make most all transactions with the club real-time and interactive thus instantaneous response to transactions with the club wherever possible.

Please send all feedback to and include your phone number so we can discuss any issues with you if needed.

Known Issues Being Addressed

- JavaScript must be enabled in your browser - The member login block at the top right hand portion of all site pages will not appear if JavaScript is not enabled.

- AOL Browser does not support sites JavaScript. Try using Internet Explorer 8 browser instead.

- Apple IPAD Support - The IPAD does not support Adobe "Flash" and therefore the slideshow on our home page does not work on the IPAD. In addition we have discovered that the Member Login block at the top RH corner does not function correctly to login when using your correct ID and Password. You will be given a screen to login in the main body of the page which does work correctly. Issue being researched.

- Adding new ads in eTrack when the item description is not in our database - this function may not work correctly and may generate a "blank" screen when attempting to add your own description. Being investigated for solution.