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Important to Maintain Active Membership Status

It is important as a club member to monitor your club membership renewal date which can be found on your membership card or on-line in the upper right corner after you have logged into the LCCA web page. Notification of renewal is sent 60 days prior to the expiration date via the email address on file date and, subsequently, in the following days if you did not pay your dues with a postal notification is sent to your address of record.

The LCCA Board of Directors has established a 30-day grace period for members who may not have their annual dues paid by their due date. Should your dues remittance not reach the LCCA Business Office prior to the grace period expiration, the following occurs:

  • Your membership changes immediately to an inactive status and your member number is noted with the inactive code EX.
  • Your ID/password will no longer allow you to log onto the LCCA website as a member.
  • You lose login rights to the Member’s section of the LCCA website although you can view the information open to the public.
  • While you can still view items in the LCCA store, inactive members cannot purchase items nor register for future LCCA conventions.
  • You will be removed from active status and no longer receive any LCCA publication (The Lion Roars, Interchange track, The Lion Cub) nor be included in the distribution of future Lionel catalogs.
  • You will not receive future eblasts from the club.
  • You will not have articles accepted to publish in club publications.
  • Any listings within eTrak under the member’s LCCA number are permanently deleted from the eTrak system. NOTE: even if you reinstate your membership, eTrak listings remain deleted and cannot be retrieved. 
Your membership will return to active status when you pay your membership dues. You will retain your original membership number by calling the Business Office (815-223-0115) and renewing by phone. DO NOT LOG ON AS A NEW MEMBER or YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ORIGINAL MEMBERSHIP NUMBER. Once dues are paid your member status is restored to active and all member rights and privileges are restored. The LCCA officers and BOD encourage and welcome back any member who became inactive because of non-payment of dues. If you call the LCCA Business Office (815-223-0115) with your payment your original member number will be restored.