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A happy club member won "the luck of the
draw" at her table and received one of the few
2007 Banquet Cars at the club Convention in
Chicago -- a red cattle car marked as
"Mrs. O'Leary's Dairy Farm" in recognition of
the cow that allegedly started the Chicago fire.
In collaboration with Lionel as manufacturer, LCCA designs and develops club-sponsored products exclusively for members. Because these niche products are limited editions with relatively low production runs, they are prized pieces and highly collectible. Many members focus their energy on collecting these unique, rare items.

Most COMMEMORATIVES celebrate our annual Convention: an annual CONVENTION CAR, an EARLY REGISTRATION GIFT item, an ON-SITE CONVENTION CAR that can only be purchased in person at the Convention site, and a limited-edition BANQUET CAR (one per banquet table - it can be won but not purchased), and other products.

COLLECTIBLES include occasional special offers and boxed TRAIN SETS, such as the re-make of the rare “HALLOWEEN” GENERAL train with three add-on cars and the re-make of the NEW HAVEN #209 passenger train with three add-on cars.