Keeping Up with LCCA’s Responses to the Health Crisis.
We want our members to know your directors, officers and key volunteers are fully cognizant of the very uncertain times our nation is experiencing. The club leadership is working closely together electronically and by phone to assure club operations continue as smoothly as possible. For up-to-date information regarding the club’s events, we urge you to check the LCCA website and watch for our periodic e-blast messages in your email. Read More :.

Additional President's Report Stories

LCCA Opens up 4 Additional Tours!
The LCCA's 50th Annual Convention is shaping up to be one of our most attended Conventions. Current registration trends have attendance well above prior years. Tours and Events are quickly filling up and as of early March, a number of tours have already been completely sold out. The LCCA now has announced that sold out tours have been augmented by similar tours now open. Check out these tours at our web store! Read More :.

Additional Convention News Stories

LCCA offers UP#2020 LionChief Plus 2.0 Diesel ET44AC
The LCCA is Proud to Offer this Lionel UPET44AC Diesel in honor of its 50th Anniversary. The next in a long and distinguished line of locomotives offered by the LCCA, this engine is equipped with the best of what Lionel has to offer. Read More :.

LCCA introduces the 2020 Omaha Convention Union Pacific Two Car Set.
The club celebrates its 50th year with this two-car set of Union Pacific Lionel-made cars. The two-car LCCA Union Pacific 50th Anniversary Set will be shipped in a specially designed and decorated commemorative box which highlights your club's 50 years of Lionel Train fun. Read More :.

Additional Product Development Stories

Electrical Power Demystified
Ever wonder how the wonder of Lionel works? What does a battery, a magnet, and a paperclip have in common with your favorite Lionel engine? Read More :.

LCCA - First 25 Years of History!
On this page is the history of the first 25 Years of the LCCA prepared for our 25th Anniversary Celebration. If you are interested in learning more about the LCCA, its early years and how we grew into the Best Model Train Club on the Planet, start here with these reprinted pages from our founding in 1970 to our 25th anniversary in 1995 Read More :.

Additional Other News Stories

April 4 & 5 2020 - LCCA at the Train & Toy Show - CANCELLED
LCCA member Bob VerHoef will man the LCCA booth at this great Omaha, NE event! Stop by the LCCA table and say hi to Bob and be sure to sign-in! Read More :.

Additional Events News Stories

NEW VERSION 2.0 Modular Railroad Manual
The New Version 2.0 Lionel/LCCA Modular Layout has been released containing 20 additional pages and includes the plans for a new small radius module and several module layouts. Manual is now available for viewing, printing and use. Build a module for yourself. Read More :.

Additional Fastrak Modular Stories

History of LCCA Convention Cars
On this page is the history of the first 25 LCCA Convention Cars offered from our first convention in 1971 through our 25th anniversary in 1995. This comprehensive review of these cars was written by Bill Button (3835) for our 25th Anniversary Celebration. Read More :.

Additional Members Stories

New HSL Program - 50th Anniversary Gift to Members
Through the courtesy of Lionel and a business relationship with John Holtmann's HSL Inc (HSL), the LCCA is proud to offer the complete O gauge work first offered by HSL including the complete digital history of Lionel catalogs, Lionel produced magazines including The Lionel Magazine, Model Builder and Inside Track and other Lionel publications and advertising. Read More :.

Additional Publications Stories