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For Junior Members

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Welcome to the Lionel Kids’ Club by LCCA webpage for prospective Junior members.  Please take a moment to review all of the terrific benefits of membership in our Kids’ Club, and then, won’t you consider joining?

Junior Membership was created for young Lionel enthusiasts who are not old enough (18 years of age or older) to be “Regular” members of LCCA. Junior members have most of the same privileges of membership as any adult with the exception that they cannot hold office or vote in the elections each year. They also cannot purchase products from the online LCCA store, but their parents can call the LCCA Business Office and purchase products on their behalf.

Junior Members receive copies of The Lion Roars, our new, digital magazine The Lion Cub, and all Lionel Catalogs.  The Lion Cub is a magazine written by Junior Members, for Junior Members.  It is E-mailed to each, active Junior Member several times a year.  As a Junior Member, you will also be eligible to write articles for this magazine.  Think of how exciting it would be to see your article published in a real magazine! 

The Lion Roars Magazine delivered directly to your home

The Lion Cub Available on the LCCA website

Lionel Catalogs delivered directly to your home

Junior Members can also use all the features of the Club’s website, including access to our Digital Archives (e.g., digital versions of magazines such as The Lion Roars and The Lion Cub), Digital Archives (e.g., digital copies of Lionel Catalogs from 1900-1995, Magazines, and Service Manuals), and attend any Club activities.  Junior Members also receive a Lionel Kids’ Club by LCCA membership card, a billboard set, and a Kids’ Club iron-on patch.

Every Junior Member receives a Junior Member membership card!

A colorful LCCA Billboard comes with each membership card

Each Junior Member receives a beautiful Junior Member Iron-on Patch

Click here for Junior Member membership information and application.


Lionel Products Made Just for LCCA Members! 

LCCA regularly designs its own Club products manufactured by Lionel. With assistance from their parents, Kids can purchase these products through the LCCA Business Office. Shown here is an example of a set of die-cast vehicles recently released by LCCA.

LCCA Special Events, Special Kids' Activities, and Conventions:

LCCA Special Events:

Junior Members and their parents are encouraged to attend as many annual conventions and periodic Special Events as they can attend. Special Events are held throughout the year and all around the USA. They include venues such as train swap meets and visits to operating layouts. Click the link below to see all the currently planned Special Events, 

Click here for information about all currently planned Special Events.

LCCA Special Kids' Activities: 

In 2019, the LCCA Junior Committee sponsored a poster and drawing contest open to all Junior Members.  The theme for Junior Members in the 7 and under and the 8-12 categories was “How can we attract more young people to join LCCA?”  The theme for Junior Members between 13 and 18 years old was “My favorite LCCA Convention tour or Special Activity, or what would be my dream Special Event or Kids’ Club activity?

Prizes were awarded to the first- and second-place winners in each category, and noted artist, Angela Trotta Thomas, conducted the judging.

First Place in the youngest-age category was awarded to Caleb Sadowski, who won a Lionel Peanuts Halloween train set; second place in this category was awarded to NJ Chang, who won a Lionel Missile Car.  First Place in the oldest-age category was awarded to Christian Schluter, who won a Lionel LionChief(TM) with Bluetooth Delaware & Hudson RS-3; second place in this category was awarded to Kyle Proctor, who won a Lionel Missile Car.   The winning entries were published on the cover of our Regular-member publication “The Interchange Track,” and the winners and their entries were profiled in a “Kids’ Corner” page of The Lion Roars.

As a new, Junior Member, you will also be entitled to participate in contests that we hold in the future.

Annual Conventions 

Each year at the Annual Convention, we offer many activities for our Junior Members. A partial list of past Special Convention Activities for kids includes:

  • Layouts for kids to operate - In Chicago in 2018, kids had a chance to operate large layouts at the Chicagoland Train Club and The Wandering Tree museum, and drive their own large-scale locomotive at the Minden Live Steamers club.
  • Locomotive Cab Rides:
  • In 2017 in Tacoma, kids got to ride in the cab of a steam locomotive at the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad logging railroad!
  • In 2018 in Chicago, kids had a chance to ride in the cab of an E-5 diesel locomotive at the Illinois Railway Museum.
  • In 2019 in Reno, kids had an opportunity to drive a real SD-9 diesel locomotive at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum! The accompanying photos shows one of our Junior Members driving this locomotive!
  • More Photos of Junior Members at our LCCA Conventions are on our site Click Here to View 


  • Operate LCCA’s TimeSaver Switching Layout.  This compact O-Gauge switching layout requires the engineer and crew to move freight cars from one industry to another in the shortest amount of time, using a Lionel LionChief(TM) GP-7 locomotive.  It’s challenging and fun!

Click here for information about the 2020 Convention in Omaha 

Exciting Ideas We Are Working On For Junior Members 

We will continue to provide our Junior Members with the kinds of hands-on activities that we have been offering at our annual conventions while we develop new, exciting ideas for our Junior Members to enjoy. 

For example, we are in the process of developing a better webpage for our Junior Members.  It will include links to Junior Member YouTube pages where you can watch what fellow members are doing with their layouts.  It will also include photographs taken by Junior Members, as well as a gallery of photos and videos taken at past conventions and Special Events.  And, with the help of our junior authors, we will publish more issues of The Lion Cub each year.

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements regarding the release of these new features that are especially created exclusively for our Junior Members.  Better yet, become a member of the Lionel Kids’ Club by LCCA and join the fun!