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For Junior Members

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Junior Membership was created for young Lionel enthusiasts that are not old enough (18 years of age or older) to be "Regular" members within the LCCA. Junior members have most all the same privileges of membership as any adult with the exception that they can not hold office or vote in the elections each year. 


Kids (of all ages) love the trains in action at a LCCA-sponsored train show in Naperville, IL.
Junior Member membership items



They receive all the publications, can use the club's website, and attend any of the club activities. They also receive a publication just for Junior members called The Lion Cub which is published four times a year.

Click here to view a sample copy of The Lion Cub.


Click here for Junior Member membership information and application.


Specially created Dinosaur Gondola car for
Junior Members

The LCCA has recently created a special series of cars just for Junior members. The first of these is the Dinosaur Transport car shown here. The car includes several dinosaur figures and the gondola has metal trucks and bears a colorful design. While the order date deadline for this car has passed, look for it in the IT from members offering one and stay tuned for future cars being offered.

The club has a Junior member coordinator that plans activities at the annual convention and designs other club offerings to be made available in the future.

Upcoming Event October 31, 2015 - Click image for all the spooky details!


Junior Member Activities at The Annual Convention

Kids (of all ages) love the trains in action at a LCCA-sponsored train show in Naperville, IL.
Angela Trotta Thomas Learn to Draw Seminar 
at the Annual Convention

Each year at the club's annual convention there are activities for Junior members such as a Learn to Draw trains seminar with renowned Lionel artist Angela Trotta Thomas. Click here for a review of the last convention's seminar. At the Dallas convention planned is a popcorn night at the movies featuring I Love Toy Train & Nation videos. There will be a guest appearance by Lenny the Lionel Lion and special prize drawings only for Junior Members.