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For Junior Members

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Junior Membership was created for young Lionel enthusiasts who are not old enough (18 years of age or older) to be “Regular” members of LCCA. Junior members have most of the same privileges of membership as any adult with the exception that they cannot hold office or vote in the elections each year. They also cannot purchase products from the online LCCA store, but their parents can call the LCCA Business Office and purchase products on their behalf.

Junior Members receive copes of The Lion Roars and all Lionel catalogs. They can use the Club’s website, and attend any of the Club’s activities. They also receive a pin, a membership card, and a billboard set. 


Click here for Junior Member membership information and application.


Lionel Products Made Just for LCCA Members! 

LCCA regularly designs its own Club products manufactured by Lionel. With assistance from their parents, Kids can purchase these products through the LCCA Business Office. Shown here is an example of a set of die-cast vehicles recently released by LCCA.

LCCA Special Events and Conventions 

Junior Members and their parents are encouraged to attend as many annual conventions and periodic Special Events as they can attend. Special Events are held throughout the year and all around the USA. They include venues such as train swap meets and visits to operating layouts. Click the link below to see all the currently planned Special Events, 

Click here for information about all currently planned Special Events.

Annual Conventions 

Each year at the Annual Convention, there are many activities for Junior Members. Examples of past kids’ activities include a learn-to-draw seminar with renowned Lionel artist Angela Trotta Thomas, popcorn-and-a-movie nights, special prize drawings only for Junior Members, layouts for kids to operate, and puzzles that kids can help complete. And, of course, there are train rides such as the Chehalis and Centralia Railroad which Junior Member Dylan Fick enjoyed at the 2017 Convention inTacoma. 

Click here for information about the 2018 Convention 

Exciting Ideas We Are Working On For Junior Members 

We are developing many, exciting, new, ideas for our Junior Members to enjoy. Examples of things we may offer include more hands-on activities such as an operating, switching layout. We want to provide more links to electronic railroad games and puzzles, as well as to other LCCA pages. We may hold a poster contest and a drawing contest. And, we would like to publish a new, electronic version of the Lion Cub. This new Lion Cub may feature articles on how to build a model railroad, how to use the new Lion Chief control system, articles on how real “prototype” railroads operate, and photos and videos of trains. We are looking for adults and children to join our new Junior Committee to provide us with new ideas and to help us implement these changes. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements regarding the release of these new features which are especially created for our Junior Members.