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Annual LCCA Site Selection

Site Selection specifics -

The LCCA annual convention occurs the last full week of July per its constitution. The convention site moves from city to city in the US, with at least 10 years between visits. The LCCA typically selects a targeted city as it seeks a specific hotel facility.

The LCCA convention team contracts for future convention sites years in advance, with almost always 2 years of signed future contracts. Site selection starts 4-5 years out as potential sites are identified and reviewed. Key in any site selection is input and commitment from the local Convention Visitors Bureau (CVB) who is asked to assist the club with promotion and advertising. The LCCA does work through a third-party partner. All contracts are signed by the LCCA. 

Being a Model Train focused group, a train component is a KEY DECISION factor. Our members expect a train ride, a significant train tour, a train yard or facility where they can ride a train and experience a railroad experience. 

Site selection criteria is for a hotel large enough for a simultaneous Banquet and Trading Hall (55,000 square ft) plus breakout rooms. Hotels that work best have 340-375 rooms. Hotel MUST be connected directly to the conference area. Due to attendee demographics, hotels with connected convention space are preferred over hotels connected to a separate convention center. One important concession that must be met is that there is no parking fee at the host hotel for any convention guests.