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LCCA Omaha Convention Blog

This Blog is posted to review the prep work for the LCCA’s 54th Convention in Omaha Nebraska. Stop by often to catch all the latest news and updates on the Convention. And remember that you can always be directed to all things LCCA Omaha by using the hashtag #LCCAOmaha in the URL line of your browser. #LCCAOmaha

October 16, 2023 - The Hotel does have a shuttle service that runs from the hotel to the airport and back. The shuttle leaves the hotel on the hour and on the half hour. To catch the shuttle from the airport, the member must call the hotel. The driver will be instructed to pick you up on his return trip to the hotel. The airport is less than 5 miles from the hotel with an estimated 15-minute ride. The shuttle is limited to the airport run and is NOT available for personal trips to and from the hotel.

October 8. 2023 - The LCCA Logo for its 2024 Convention is now published. This logo will be on all things LCCA Omaha.

October 7, 2023 – The LCCA 2024 Omaha convention logo has been finalized and released. The direct tie-in of the 2020 cancelled Omaha convention due to Covid is reflected in the 2024 Omaha logo form factor and overall feel. The reversed approach direction of the diesel reflects that this is a separate and independent convention design. The location, Omaha, NE is now in RED to easily distinguish the two pins when shown together. The number boards of the engine now list the entire start date of the convention, this year a few weeks early, on July 8. Not quite prototypical but reflects the earlier start date. The UP Hearld on the engine has been replaced by the LCCA, highlighting the emphasis on the convention. And in keeping with a new club policy, the bug LCCA logo now proudly shows it is a trademark ™. This logo will be used in the website, all publications, social media, eblasts, and convention related printed materials. #LCCAOmaha

September 24, 2023 - The 2024 Omaha Convention related product is being finalized. The convention registration car, the on-site car and in fact all of the 2024 product is out for final review and approval. Will all of the cars in 2024 be of a related design? The 2023 Concord convention featured a number of cars branded in the ACW (Atlantic Caralina Western) herald. What connection will the registration gift have to Omaha? When announced, all details will be posted here.  #LCCAOmaha 

September 19, 2023 – the LCCA launches its search for a 2024 Omaha convention logo design. The Omaha 2020 logo (shown here) was used extensively on product and literature for the 2020 50th year celebration. The question arose, are we moving the 2020 convention from 2020 to 2024 or is Omaha in 2024 an independent convention with its own identity? Well, it soon became clear that the 2024 Omaha convention was NOT an extension of 2020, but rather a separate event. The 2020 Omaha convention effort had its own identity and program. While similar, 2024 was not the same. Also, product was designed with the 2020 logo and considerable celebratory documentation was produced and distributed. As a result, a call went out to develop a different logo, but keep the same general components of the 2020 logo.  #LCCAOmaha

September 15, 2023 – Talks resume with the host hotel to restart conversations on the facility. The hotel had significant remodeling of its lobby area. There were plans to have a layout in the lobby. It is not clear if this is still possible now that the remodel is completed. This will be decided once we are onsite. #LCCAOmaha

September 2023 – Tour Managers, Dienzel and Bob, return to Omaha to personally review which, if any, of the tours originally scheduled for 2020 are still viable for 2024. Each tour will be evaluated with 2024 in mind. Most of the venues have survived Covid and will be available and welcoming our members in 2024. Each tour is being assessed to determine if changes need to be made to the venue, tour times or other tour details.  #LCCAOmaha

August 4, 2023 – The 2024 Omaha convention started live back in 2018 when the initial contract at the Omaha hotel was signed in anticipation of the LCCA Omaha 2020 Convention celebrating the 50th anniversary of the LCCA. The hotel was ready, the tours were identified, and registration started as usual in February of 2020. Plans were made, members started to register, and things were well on their way. Covid changed so many things, including the 2020 convention as the Board of Directors took the necessary actions to cancel our 2020 anniversary special. Fortunately, working with our hotel the convention date was moved to July of 2024. Unfortunately, the hotel was only able to accommodate us on a different week in July, and the LCCA BOD agreed to move the convention to an earlier week. The 2024 convention is scheduled from July 8 - July 12, 2024.  #LCCAOmaha