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Lionel releases most recent 2024 Catalog

The New Lionel 2024 Big Book Catalog has been released and now on our LCCA website. The next Big Book, Volume 2 will be released by Lionel soon as the next fun filled ‘Wish Book’ for us to explore and enjoy. The cutoff date for members in good standing to receive Volume 2 is May 8. Make sure your account is current to receive the Big Book once it is printed. Remember, the LCCA website includes all the Lionel consumer catalogs published from 1900 to the latest 2024 catalog.

The LCCA digital archives Digital Publications ( is where to find exclusive access for LCCA members to all Lionel catalogs. This includes the entire pre-war and post-war series, the MPC era, the Kughn years and beyond. The Lionel Trains Catalog.

Having access to these catalogs on one site is a convenience only LCCA members have. Certainly, access to this important and useful information is a wonderful benefit, perhaps the most useful feature is the ability to print any page of any catalog directly to your printer for identification, for inventory records, or for general information. Remember, in addition to the catalogs, the Digital archives include the postwar repair manual and other Lionel sourced documents, magazines and information which can be printed for personal use.

Copy this link, add it to favorites, keep it handy as one key resource to better understand, learn and enjoy our hobby.  Digital Publications (

To Learn more about the distribution of Lionel Catalogs to LCCA members, click this link