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LCCA Newsstand

The LCCA endeavors to communicate with its members through as many venues as possible. In the earliest days of the organization, the club established two publications that were mailed on alternating months - The Lion Roars and the Interchange Track. It also published annually a Membership Roster beginning in the early days of the club that could literally be carried in one's hip pocket. Publications were in black and white in those days. As the club grew and technology evolved, the LCCA adopted "desk-top publishing" and began adding color to its Lion Roars news magazine.

Over the last 53 years the formats have continued to evolve in both of its core publications with "professional" layout and a full color award winning Lion Roars now produced. The Interchange Track adopted an often imitated format with member listings arranged by manufacturer and SKU # for easy look-up. The Membership Roster is now only available online either as a printable document or as an interactive tool.

The LCCA was also one of the early innovators in its online presence with an award winning website. This website allowed it to offer an online Membership Roster that is always up to date, and an online version of its Interchange Track called eTrak that is always up to date with the members latest offerings and search tools that make finding that wanted item so much easier. 

With the website redesign efforts started in 2010, the LCCA has greatly expanded its "News and Newsy" area of the site to keep all members up to date on the goings on and happenings.

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