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Video Introduction to the Video Suite of Video

The LCCA is proud to be able to offer the full complement Lionel Digital Archives from HSL.  John Holtmann, the creator of the archives working together with Bill Schmeelk of the LCCA has put together two videos, one to highlight the history and creation of the archives and a second as a user guide to get the best out of the collection. To fully appreciate what is offered and to get pointers on how to use the archives effectively, take the few moments to watch these videos.  Even those members who are familiar with web navigation may well learn a few tricks.  Learn more about the "Features" section offering comprehensive catalog history and analysis, the complete and flexible "Search" function to look for items across various catalog years and the "Index" function which offers a written listing of products in various issues.  After watching the videos, connect directly to the archives by Clicking Here.  Be sure to log in as a member

Look and Listen to John Holtmann explain the history of the HSL Digital Lionel Archive in his own words.

John provides his personal input on how to get the most out of the LCCA Digital Lionel Archives

The LCCA appreciates the work done by HSL, John Holtmann and Lionel to produce this superb collection of archive material.  The Officers and Directors voted to obtain this archive from HSL and as a result of commutation between the club and HSL, the LCCA was able to purchase the rights for the members of the LCCA in celebration of its 50th Anniversary.  These archives can be viewed, read and printed at no cost to members for personal use.  All other rights are reserved.