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LCCA Announces 2021 Convention Registration Gift

The LCCA 2021 Convention in Scranton (#LCCA50+1) was scheduled to include our 50th Anniversary celebration scheduled in Omaha, but as it turns out, both Omaha and Scranton have been delayed. To celebrate Scranton, a unique, limited edition trolley was produced and is being offered to members. Lionel part number 2101270 more

LCCA Announces 2021 Convention Car - an EL Walking Brakeman

LCCA Announces 2021 Convention Car - an Erie Lackawanna Walking Brakeman Car! New for 2021, this operating car talks to the history of the Erie Lackawanna, the result of the 1960 merger of the Erie Railroad and the Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroads. This Walking brakeman has been assigned Lionel part number 2101520. more

LCCA Offers a Salute to Our First Responders

After an unexpected, different type of year overwhelmingly focused on a pandemic, the LCCA has decided to Salute Our First Responders who have worked tirelessly to evaluate, treat, and vaccinate our nation with a Made in the USA Boxcar from Lionel. This First Responders Car has been assigned Lionel part number 2101530. more

LCCA Christmas Cars Series

The story of the annual LCCA Christmas cars starts in July 2014 during the LCCA Indianapolis convention. It was at the convention that final agreement was reached on the joining of the Lionel Railroad Club (LRRC) to the LCCA. The LCCA has continued the year end cars that were initially started with the LRRC. more
LCCA Introduces Die-Cast Vehicles Set #3

LCCA Introduces Die-Cast Vehicles Set #3

LCCA members can now own a fleet of three new limited-edition 1:48 scale die-cast delivery vehicles especially designed to transport soft drinks to all their thirsty scale population. Or you can just display them with the first six die-cast vehicles in the exclusive LCCA series. Either way, you will love these standout collectible custom vehicles. more