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LCCA’s “Switching Tracks” Traveling Boxcar is Off to a Fast Start!

Well the LCCA "Switching Tracks" Traveling Boxcar is having a great start with two very busy and exciting weekends. This brand new LCCA Car made its debut at the LCCA and Lionel display at the Jan 10-11, 2015 WGHOT show in Hampton VA. Lionel Team members Bill Wander (L) , Lauren Morris, J. Don Reece and Mike Phillips (R) were with the first "LCCA Switching Track Traveling Boxcar" in Hampton VA. more


Hey fellow LCCA members. We all know the members of the Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) like to collect Lionel trains and LCCA cars. Did you know that many members enjoy running and operating our LCCA collectables as well? We have thought of an innovative program that will allow interested members to have the opportunity to run a very special Lionel/LCCA car on their layouts. Emphasis on fun! This will help promote the hobby and stimulate interest in Lionel & LCCA trains. more

Thank you note From Dick Kughn

thank you note sent by Dick Kughn to LCCA members for the plaque given to him by the LCCA. more

LCCA Meets with Steve Nelson of Mr. Muffins Trains (video)

During the Lionel Collectors Club of America’s (LCCA) 44th Annual Convention held this past July in Indianapolis IN, we had a chance to sit down and visit with LCCA member and owner of Mr. Muffins Train store in Carmel IN., Steve Nelson. Click on the video link below to view this interview and catch a glimpse of his fantastic store layout. more

Member Bob Walker's video on his battery powered Train

Battery Powered Wireless Train Control System - Ever wished you could run your trains completely free of track power? Well, as it turns out, you can. What you need is a small battery that can run a train for a reasonable amount of time and a simple remote control system that doesn't demand too much from the battery. more


As you can imagine we have received many questions with regard to the merger of two great toy train clubs, Lionel Railroader Club (LRRC) and the Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA). Below is a list of some of these questions with the attendant answers. The list is not intended to be all encompassing but covers most of the important features of the merger. more

LCCA - A Welcome to All LRRC members!

A special warm welcome to all LRRC members! - We at the LCCA want to welcome all new LRRC members into the Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA)! You will receive a welcome pack sent by Lionel explaining the process that Lionel has set up with the LCCA for a smooth membership transfer from the Lionel Railroader Club (LRRC) to membership in the LCCA. A brief summary is that you will continue to get Lionel Catalogs, discounts in the, and access to special club products. more

Lionel President Howard Hitchcock Explains LRRC Merger with the LCCA-video

During the July 24, 2012 Lionel Seminar held during the Lionel Collectors Club of America's (LCCA) 44th Annual Convention held at the Marriott East Hotel in Indianapolis IN July 20-26 Lionel President, Howard Hitchcock announced the merger of the Lionel Railroaders Club with the LCCA. more

Member Benefits for belonging to LCCA

The LCCA offers members a HUGE ARRAY of member benefits. The LCCA is more than a magazine subscription, more than a convention club. It is a well rounded, full feature activity, and experience the best the the train hobby has to offer. Read on to get the full range of benefits offered to LCCA members. more

Lionel President Howard Hitchcock Announces LRRC Joins LCCA

I am excited to announce that later this year, the Lionel Railroader Club (LRRC) will merge with the Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA). This “joining of forces” means that current LRRC members will not only maintain the benefits they have now, but also gain additional benefits that will make their club experience even better. more