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Lionel Announces New VisionLine Class A Locomotive exclusively for LCCA

The LCCA is again able to offer an exclusive LIonel VisionLine engine to its members. This year it is the CLASS A locomotive popular from its work on the Norfolk & Western. The Norfolk and Western and others built over 40 of this monsters. Lionel will be producing one of this units (Number 1222) exclusively for the LCCA and its members as a special and unique offering. You can order yours now through February 23, 2022. more

LCCA Announces 2021 Convention Registration Gift

The LCCA 2021 Convention in Scranton (#LCCA50+1) was scheduled to include our 50th Anniversary celebration scheduled in Omaha, but as it turns out, both Omaha and Scranton have been delayed. To celebrate Scranton, a unique, limited edition trolley was produced and is being offered to members. Lionel part number 2101270 more

A look at The LCCA Train Ride Cars

The story of the LCCA Train Ride Cars starts in July 2002 during the LCCA Pittsburg Annual Convention. It was at the convention that the first Train Ride car was given to all members who took the Carnegie Science Center tour. Years later another four Train Ride cars were offered between 2012 and 2016. This is their story. more
LCCA Introduces Die-Cast Vehicles Set #3

LCCA Introduces Die-Cast Vehicles Set #3

LCCA members can now own a fleet of three new limited-edition 1:48 scale die-cast delivery vehicles especially designed to transport soft drinks to all their thirsty scale population. Or you can just display them with the first six die-cast vehicles in the exclusive LCCA series. Either way, you will love these standout collectible custom vehicles. more
LCCA Introduces 2019 Convention Car (Reno Mint Car)

LCCA Introduces 2019 Convention Car (Reno Mint Car)

The LCCA has introduced its 2019 Annual Convention Car - This year a celebration of Reno, site of its 49th Annual Convention. more

LCCA introduces the 2020 Omaha Convention Union Pacific Two Car Set.

The club celebrates its 50th year with this two-car set of Union Pacific Lionel-made cars. The two-car LCCA Union Pacific 50th Anniversary Set will be shipped in a specially designed and decorated commemorative box which highlights your club's 50 years of Lionel Train fun. more

LCCA Offers A United States Air Force Commutative Car

LCCA Offers A United States Air Force Commerative Car. At our Omaha Convention one of the trips we intended to take was to the SAC air base outside of Omaha. We would tour the base and for those who wanted a keepsake, the LCCA had produced 350 commemorative cars. These cars, made in the US, highlight activities at the SAC base. more

Celebrate LCCA's 50th with Two Special UP Cars

Celebrate LCCA's 50th with Two Special UP Cars - Gold Ore and Black Gold. The Convention is cancelled - but the registration gift and what was to be the 2020 Omaha on site car are both available. These two cars will be an integral part of the new UP Set being developed buy the LCCA Product Development Team. more
LCCA Product Development Team Announces the 2020 Christmas Car!

LCCA Product Development Team Announces the 2020 Christmas Car!

LCCA Product Development Team Announces the 2020 Christmas Car! Up on the Rooftop is Old Saint Nick! The club’s Product Development Team of Sal Gambino and Dave Miller just released the photographs of the 2020 Christmas car. This year the LCCA is proud to offer its members a beautiful Lionel-made O gauge boxcar featuring Santa with his big bag of toys on the rooftop. Of course, the car has iconic Christmas images on both sides as well as the roof. more

LCCA Offers Stand Alone Walking Brakeman Figure with Flag

Remember the flag waving walking brakeman car offered to celebrate the joining of the LCCA and the Lionel Railroader's Club (LRRC). This was a special figure holding a flag produced in limited quantities for the LCCA. The flag offered is dual sided, one with the LCCA and one with the LRRC logos. more