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LCCA Want Ads for Volunteers

The LCCA is seeking qualified members to fill various openings required to support current club activity.  The members sought are ones who are willing to spend the time and energy to provide meaningful effort to the club for the length of the project or term - usually one year.  The candidate need not have any prior experience and the only education required is to know how to get the job done.  These are volunteer assignments with no pay, potentially long hours and a requirement to see the job well done and completed in a timely manner.

Please look at the list of people needs and volunteer to the one which best meets your interests and skills.  Director Sal Gambino heads the "Volunteer Committee" and has asked that interested members contact him by phone (215-708-1504) or by e-mail ( to be considered for this or other LCCA positions.

 Let me encourage members to think of others in their families - for example spouses, children, or others who may not currently be club members.  Sometimes these folks would have a greater interest in the project and have the time and be willing to devote the effort for these tasks.
  • Insurance - must provide for LCCA insurance needs for club property, bonding, events certificates, etc. Prior insurance experience helpful but not necessary
  • Web Content Editor - to support club members to put information on the web.  Does not require a technical background, but will be expected to make use of the many features of our web site.  This candidate must provide a timely response to need.
  • Web Technical Editor - to assist in posting articles, sizing and posting images and video.  Best if familiar with web, web sites, etc - but need not be an expert.  Can train for most requirements and applications.
  • ORG forum, Facebook, tweeter, general social media support - these can be informal efforts with no structure.  Must be willing to spend occasional time on the sites to monitor, support and provide input to this on line media.
  • TLR Back-Up Editor - apprentice position to support 'The Lion Roars' Editor.  Learn what it takes to publish a world class magazine.  Some printing background helpful but not necessary.  Comfortable with editing written words helpful.  Be willing to work with LCCA leadership to "Speak in one voice".
  • Junior Member Support - Support the junior membership committee provide guidance and to create ideas to enhance the program.  Ideal for former teachers.
  • IT Back-up Editor/E-Track Back-up Editor - apprentice position to support 'The Interchange Track' Editor.  Learn what it takes to publish a world class magazine.  to assume the pulling of data from the website, providing supporting documentation and getting pages to our vendor. Vendors provide the page layouts under editor guidance.  This multiyear appointment will work with LCCA leadership to "Speak in one voice".
  • CPA/Finance - provide financial, analytical and audit support for the club
  • Product development - Title says it all.  We have big shoes to fill here.  Let's try.
  • Advertising Manager for Club Promotional Material - must put together a comprehensive ad package for all club publications, website, outside ads keeping a common message, theme and voice through all LCCA activity.
  • Member Retention liaison - This position will establish and implement plans and actions to help and retain members in the club.  This position will support the Secretary to make retention calls to find out why members have not rejoined the club.  
  • 501 (c) 3 Corporation Status - Board of Directors has requested the LCCA get 501 (c) 3 status.  This requires managing outside attorneys and others to get this accomplished.  This task is project specific and volunteer must be willing to see it through.  
  • Modular Layout Support - willing to support the modular layout project, growing this program in popularity and scope.  will include Advertising and promotion.  Good position for a member comfortable talking with others. 
  • Video editor and video support - must have a working knowledge of video, video editing, and on line video for the many projects we have.  Will include taking video interviews.
  • Junior Member Support - Support the junior membership committee provide guidance and to create ideas to enhance the program.  Ideal for former teachers.
  • Constitution Committee - reporting to Jerry Caukins, will review the LCCA constitution and bylaws to determine if they are up to date and optimized for our club
  • Special Events Committee - willing to man booths, to attend events and represent the LCCA at various special events.  
  • Special Events Host - willing to sponsor or host an LCCA Special Event in your area.
  • Policy Manual Committee - prepare and verify that the LCCA policy manual is current and up to date.  A necessity with a geographically challenged group with frequently changing assignments.  A good Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual is essential to insure continued excellence.