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Member Benefits for belonging to LCCA

The LCCA offers members a HUGE ARRAY of member benefits.  The LCCA is more than a magazine subscription, more than a convention club.  It is a well rounded, full feature activity, and experience the best the the train hobby has to offer.  Read on to get the full range of benefits offered to LCCA members.  

Premier hard copy publications:

  1. “The Lion Roars” featuring all original articles written by fellow members mailed to your home 5 time/year.
  2. "The Interchange Track” -Buy/Sell/Swap hard copy toy train publication Mailed 4 times/year
  3. "The Lion Cub" magazine, a 12 page magazine by Junior Members for all Junior Members - 4 times/year.

Award winning website is our best communication tool that keeps our members informed with our most current information regarding club matters, the toy train hobby and news from Lionel.

  1. e-Track Web based buy/sell/swap section in the password protected members only section (available  24/7 365 days/year)
  2. Real Time information and news stories concerning the hobby, the club, LCCA members and Lionel 
  3. Periodic e-blast with latest information regarding club and Hobby matters with members who provide us with their e-mail address.  
  4. LCCA video gallery section on our website with LCCA exclusive and original videos

The Best Toy Train Conventions on the Planet held in a different city every July.

  1. Spectacular Tours
  2. Great Events
  3. Good times
  4. Family Friendly events and activities for the whole family
  5. Meet with Lionel for hosted free seminars and clinics with new product announcements 
  6. Several operating layouts including Lionel's impressive, interactive layout 

Multiple membership options available -

  1. Regular member (RM) - receives publications via US mail.  RM's receive ALL club publications and notices via USPS.
  2. Electronic Member (EM) - receives publications via web.  EM's have access to all club publications and notices via internet and DO NOT receive hard copy via USPS.  This results in a substantial cost savings which is reflected in lower annual dues.
  3. Junior Member (JM) - for those under 18 years - receives "The Lion Cub".  JM's receive all 5 issues of "The Lion Roars" PLUS 4 issues of "The Lion Cub" via USPS but DO NOT receive the "Interchange Track" - reserved for those members 18 and over. 
NOTE: All members have access to our website (JM's are too young to purchase from our store).  Members who provide their e-mail address will receive up to 18 club e-mail blasts per year providing current updates on club activities, Special Events and other club info.

LCCA developed and Sponsored  'LCCA/Lionel Modular Railroad System'

  1. On-line Manual, open architecture, full material sourcing data
  2. Modules can be made by member or purchased complete
  3. Module special events across the country for members to bring their modules together

Members only Section of Web Site - (requires password)

  1. e-track - 24/7 - 365 days a week on line trading site for members
  2. LCCA Store - on-line sale of product and club related items
  3. Secure Electronic Transactions for member renewal
  4. Self updating of profile records
  5. Roster of all LCCA members - sortable by area and distance

LCCA Special Events -

  1. Family oriented LCCA Special Events & Train shows held in various cities all around the country throughout the year
  2. Over 50 Special Events held last year
  3. Events and activities ranging from train shows, dinner events, train rides, home visits, any type of event with a train theme.

LCCA Product Offerings -

  1. Annual Convention Car - Designed for local geographic area of convention
  2. Unique, specially designed  limited edition club products manufactured by Lionel
  3. Current plans include keeping traditional LRRC product offerings.
  4. Made in America LCCA product Billboard Frame products.
  5. Discounted prices on select Lionel cataloged items.
  6. For information regarding our most recent product offerings, go to the "LCCA store" section or product development section on our website
  7. Club Discount - 10% - at - (Some Exclusions Apply)

Other Benefits -

  1. Regular member (RM) and Junior Member (JM) Facebook pages - LCCA Facebook page and LCCA JM Facebook page
  2. Volunteer management team dedicated to serving the needs of our members.
  3. Camaraderie with other Lionel train enthusiasts  
  4. Be part of a successful Lionel Train Focused Club
  5. We know how to have FUN!
  6. Opportunity to volunteer and be part of the LCCA volunteer staff
  7. Mailing of Lionel catalogs directly to all current members.

Club Contacts -

  1. Web site -
  2. Business office  -  Cathy

       LCCA Business Office

PO Box 529

Peru, IL  61354

Fax Number - 815-223-0791


Al Kolis - President Elect/Special Events Manager - 248-709-4137
Dennis DeVito - LCCA President - 574-870-0391