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LCCA Offsets Postal Cost Increases

In the last few years, postage rate increases have become more frequent and have increased the cost of business for all organizations, the LCCA being no exception with its almost 90,000 magazines and other pieces of mail per year to members. If left unchecked, these additional costs would lead to increases in annual dues with no increase in services or benefits. In an effort to offset these increases, more

Calling American Flyer, Ives and All Other Model Train Aficionados

Calling American Flyer, Ives and All Other Model Train Aficionados – LCCA Does it Again. and adds American Flyer and Ives information to its growing collection of digital archives. The American Flyer addition includes the “Chicago Era” Digital Archives and contains the American Flyer Catalogs before its sale to 1937 to A.C.Gilbert. The Guide to Ives Corporation Paper 1900-1932 reflects on 32 years of some of the most beautiful and durable toys and toy trains available from any company. more
New HSL Program - 50th Anniversary Gift to Members

New HSL Program - 50th Anniversary Gift to Members

Through the courtesy of Lionel and a business relationship with John Holtmann's HSL Inc (HSL), the LCCA is proud to offer the complete O gauge work first offered by HSL including the complete digital history of Lionel catalogs, Lionel produced magazines including The Lionel Magazine, Model Builder and Inside Track and other Lionel publications and advertising. more
Revisions to the LCCA Website and Digital Archives

Revisions to the LCCA Website and Digital Archives

To better accommodate the LCCA Historical Model Train Archive (formerly HSL suite of magazines and catalogs), the LCCA website has been updated to make data easier to find and easier to use. The links below explain the changes made and provides links to these new pages. It is also possible to reach these pages by using the left side menu on the Members home page. more

January 2, 2020 E-blast

January 2, 2020 E-blast more

LCCA Announces 2021 Christmas Photo Contest

The LCCA Christmas photo contest is back! Again, this year there are two ways to have one of your treasured family Christmas tree train photos on the cover of an LCCA magazine. The best color photo submission will be featured on the December cover of The Lion Roars, and the best black and white photo will be reproduced on the January 2022 cover of Interchange Track. The winners will each receive a 2021 LCCA Christmas car. more


The 50th Anniversary celebration of the Lionel Collectors Club of America continues! As previously announced, the LCCA has purchased several additional model train archives for the exclusive use of our members. The LCCA released two of these archives on March 30, 2021. They will appear in our digital archives along with previously released items. So, be sure to keep your LCCA membership current! You don’t want to miss out on this exciting material. more

Updated Status of LCCA online eTrack

The delay in getting eTrack back online after the club moved its website to a new server is truly disappointing. The club did prematurely announce a successful reboot, only to later acknowledge that eTrack was not up and not work. Unfortunately, eTrack is still off-line. Here is an update of what happened, what is planned and why. more

LCCA Activates Additional Functions (Phase 2) of eTrak system

On Monday, October 10, the LCCA launches Phase 2 of the new eTrak system. Members will now be again able to search Ads and Product Functions. This news story explains how to perform searches as Phase 2 comes on line. The entire eTrak portion of the LCCA site has been rewritten for our new servers with up-to-date programing and new features making it easier to use. more

eTrack Status as of April 4, 2022

As you may have observed, eTrack is not up and running. Yes, the LCCA did send out an “All Clear” message implying that all web functions were working. In retrospect, this message should have said most transactional and information portions of the web were working, while eTrack is not yet up and running. more