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Lionel announced today that Howard Hitchcock, who has directed the company’s daily operations for more than a year as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Lionel and has served in the same capacity at Lionel Racing since its inception in 2010, has been named President of Lionel. Read More :.

Additional Lionel News Stories

LCCA 30 Minute Video “A Lifetime of Collecting Lionel Trains” To Air On 5-1
The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) is proud to announce the airing of a 30 minute LCCA Episode “A Lifetime of Happiness Collecting Lionel Trains” on the RFD cable TV program “I Love Toy Trains” (a Tom McComas Productions) on Thursday May 1, 2014. This 30 minute exclusive LCCA video production is scheduled to air at 4:00 PM EDT on May 1st and then another repeat program airing at 2 AM eastern daylight time on Friday morning. Read More :.

Additional Events News Stories

"What the LCCA Survey Says" - Poll Questions #7
In this 7th week of the LCCA Survey, we ask your input into S-Gauge and what your thought are about S-Gauge. The LCCA fully supports S-Gauge and S-Gauge members of our club. In this program to share a little info and to have a lot of fun, the LCCA will be posting a poll question every Monday. This is our seventh set of Poll Questions. See results from prior week's Poll Question 6-1 in link below. Next poll question will be posted April 21 Read More :.

Additional Other News Stories

Definitive Information on Purchasing the 2014 LCCA Convention On-site Car
Over the years the LCCA has produced some very unique on-site cars for members attending the annual convention. These items have been produced in limited quantities and have proven to be very desirable collectibles. We have regularly and often heard from our members who have been unable to attend the conventions for health, timing or financial reasons. This year, all members can register and purchase the on-site car and four Die Cast autos. Read More :.

Additional Convention News Stories

LCCA Texas Special Flatcar with Helicopter - Attaching Chains
Your LCCA Texas Special Flatcar with Helicopter is supplied with two metal chains. These are used to secure the helicopter to the flatcar. These metal chains have elastic and can be stretched. To install the chains, first position the helicopter on the flatcar so that none of it extends beyond the length of the car. The chains are placed over the landing sled as shown in the Photo 1 and hooked to the undercarriage as shown in Photo 2. Read More :.

Additional Product Development Stories

NEW VERSION 2.0 Modular Railroad Manual
The New Version 2.0 Lionel/LCCA Modular Layout has been released containing 20 additional pages and includes the plans for a new small radius module and several module layouts. Manual is now available for viewing, printing and use. Build a module for yourself. Read More :.

Additional Fastrak Modular Stories

LCCA Introduces New Lower Price Membership Category!
The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) is proud to announce the creation of a new category of club membership, designated Electronic Membership (EM), effective April 1, 2014. New LCCA members may chose to join the club as EM’s at a reduced rate of only $25/year with the same rights and privileges as the current LCCA Regular Members (RM’s). Read More :.

Additional Business Office Stories

We Want Your Lionel Artwork
As we start off this New Year, I am asking you (with your parent’s permission) to send me your original artwork featuring items that are Lionel related. You can submit a painting, pencil sketch, crayon drawing, anything you want that is Lionel train related. Read More :.