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$30-off Discount to LCCA Members for Lionel TMCC Legacy System

Members have offered their $30-off discount coupon from Lionel LLC for purchasing the new TMCC Legacy system. The club is grateful for this benefit from the company. more

Lionel & K-Line by Lionel Catalogs Mailed to Members

Some members apparently misunderstood that the mid-year mailing of the company's 2007 Catalogs (Vol 2) to club members of record as of August 2007 was a FIRST-TIME EVENT. The company provided that wonderful benefit as a "Thank You" for our loyalty to the brand. more

About Turning 65

Recently a number of loyal LCCA members have contacted our Business Office and asked about “suspension of dues after attaining age 65.” LCCA has never had such a policy, but the club continually seeks ways to enhance membership value for members of all ages. more