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NEW VERSION 2.0 Modular Railroad Manual

The Lionel/LCCA modular layout committee has released Version 2.0 of the Lionel Module Fastrack Railroad. This Manual explains the Specifications in detail. The pictures and drawings will explain the working details to make a working, compatible Modular Layout Version 2 of the Manual now contains 20 additional pages and includes plans for 3 new modules including small radius, curves, and switch modules. Also included in this version are 6 examples of modular layout design possibilities and useful info in the Appendix.

FasTrack Modular Railroad Manual Version 2.0

Thanks to Lionel and the members of this committee, and its Chairman Bill Schmeelk, for preparing this manual.  A companion video prepared by Bill includes manufacturing techniques and detailed specifications. Be sure to view this video - it is loaded with modular info.


Lionel and the LCCA encourage members to participate in the modular layout program.  Whether you purchase completely detailed assembled modules, or buy a straight and/or curve module kit, or purchase components and build your own module, this is an invitation extended to all train hobbyist to participate in the Modular Layout wherever it is.  As this program grows and there are sufficient modules are built in a geographic area, there will be local shows.  

Stay tuned to this site for more details.

Dennis DeVito
LCCA President and Fellow Member