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50th Anniversary Convention Blog - #LCCA2020

1/6/2020 - One of the many highlights of our 2020 convention host city is the Durham Museum.  Located in Omaha’s Union Station the museum offers a unique look at the history and culture of the region and its inhabitants.   Remember #LCCA2020

One of the most iconic places in Omaha, Nebraska is Kenefick Park.  Visitors are treated to not one but two great Union Pacific locomotives.  Proudly displayed in the park from the Union Pacific steam era is UP #4023, the unrivaled Big Boy!  And right next door is another beauty, this time from the diesel era, the UP Centennial #6900 a DDA40X.  Don't miss celebrating the LCCA's 50th Anniversary in America's heartland!  Join in the fun July 19 through 25, 2020!  Remember #LCCA2020

10/24/2019 - LCCA reveals its new Omaha Convention Logo for our 50th Anniversary Convention.  50 years!  A big deal really.  Looking back in time to 1950 when Lionel celebrated its 50th anniversary, they did so in style with the new in 1950 FA diesel in UP Yellow.  The LCCA builds on this legacy and for the club's 50th anniversary 2020 Convention logo uses the image of a similar iconic yellow UP engine, this time the infamous UP F3.  Reminiscent of Lionel's 1950 first production run, this engine heralds the gray nose.

The logo proudly states that it represents the LCCA visiting its host city, Omaha Nebraska and highlights this as celebrating our 50th Annual Convention.  The Golden Spike is a universally recognized symbol of railroading and especially relevant as we are coming off of the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike ceremony at Promontory Point, Utah.

The Omaha location was selected as our convention site as a tribute to our founder Jim Gates, who lives by in neighboring Perry IA.  This LCCA Logo will be used on all 2020 convention publications and web work and will become the LCCA 50th Anniversary Convention Pin in Omaha.  It is poised to be another in a long line of collectible pins celebrating our annual conventions.

9/23/2019 - The LCCA's Convention Planners recently visited our host hotel in Omaha for a Pre-Convention Site Survey.  This visit confirmed the quality of this hotel, its welcoming staff and pleasant surroundings.  This is a beautiful hotel, yet the lobby is getting a fresh facelift - It will be finished and ready to go when we arrive in July 2020.  It is not too early to start making plans for attending the 50th Anniversary LCCA Convention.  Please 'save the date'!.   We convene in Omaha the week of July 19-25, 2020.  Remember, this is the third week of July.  Beginning in February you will be able to register for the LCCA hotel room block and for convention tours and events.  Registration dates for the hotel, for tours and for LCCA events will be announced on the website and in The Lion Roars.  Remember #LCCA2020.

8/29/2019 - LCCA e-blast introduces Omaha to our members, provides some background about the city.  Click Here for Story 

8/4/2019 - LCCA announces that #LCCA2020 will be the hash tag assigned to find any and all Omaha convention details that are on the web.  Like any other hash tag, just type #LCCA2020 in your web browser and see what comes up.  With such a unique hash tag, most everything that you see will be LCCA related.  However the web is a vast place and a few references will not be for us.  #LCCA2020

7/26/2019 - LCCA announces at Reno Convention that the 50th annual convention will be held in Omaha Nebraska.  The celebration of the 50th anniversary will be a major event in the history of the club.  All members are encouraged to "save the dates" and meet in Omaha in 2020!