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Unique LionelĀ® VisionLine UP Challenger Only Available Through LCCA

An exclusive Lionel VisionLine Union Pacific #3975 Challenger never before offered in O scale is available only from the Lionel Collectors Club of America. 

This state-of-the art 4-6-6-4 articulated steam engine and 12-wheel oil tender with wireless tethered drawbar has all of the features you expect on a VisionLine train, and more. And when you buy this train from the LCCA you will receive a free one-year club membership or extension, a $49 value.  

The LCCA Lionel #3975 VisionLine UP Challenger is painted in the famous Greyhound scheme and represents a unique 1948 experiment when the locomotive was briefly converted to a single-stack arrangement. The engine is Legacy® equipped and can be run with the Universal Remote or LionChief™ app, thanks to its Bluetooth on board.  Other features include stack, whistle, dynamo and injector smoke effects from the previous Lionel VisionLine Challenger. This release has additional sound and lighting enhancements and will run on O-72 track. The UP Challenger VisionLine is expected to ship in late spring 2019. 

All of these great features from Lionel, and the #3975 is exclusive to LCCA members and will not be available in stores. If you are not a current member of the LCCA, a one-year membership to the club is included free when you buy the UP #3975 from the Club. No-obligation pre-orders are being taken now through October 24, by calling the LCCA Business Office during regular business hours at (815)223-0115.  You will be notified by the LCCA of the final pricing as soon as it is known. Because the Lionel VisionLine Challenger is being built to order, all pre-orders must be placed by October 24, 2018. The LCCA business office will contact anyone who has pre-ordered to confirm their order and arrange for payment.  Additional details are available at the LCCA website  

LCCA members who buy the Lionel VisionLine #3975 will receive a one-year extension of their membership. Buyers who are not yet LCCA members will receive a full Regular Membership in the Lionel Collectors Club of America for one year.  The member benefits will start in April 2019. The year’s membership includes every issue of The Lion Roars 48-page magazine, Interchange Track magazine with thousands of members’ buy-and-sell listings, access to the members’ section of the club website, free 2019 and 2020 Lionel product catalogs delivered to their door, access to other exclusive and collectible LCCA products, 10 percent discounts on most products on the Lionel website and much more.  

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