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Instruction Sheet for Articulated Container Cars

Instruction Sheet for Articulated Container Cars - this sheet is included in each 2016 LCCA Convention On-Site car.  To see this Instruction Sheet, Click Here,

Each of the cars come equipped with their own trucks and will operate as individual cars.  If you have both cars, you can remove a truck from each end of each car, and using the adapter INCLUDED in the on-site car, articulate and connect the two cars together.

The adapter and truck included in the On-site car can be used with other recent container car purchases to create even longer articulated sets (2 packs, 3 packs, or more) of articulated cars.  A quick test shows that Lionel revised their mounting system over the years, and that cars from a decade or so ago may not directly hook up.

An interesting aspect of this car is that each car has a center section and two ends (one with and one without a compressor).  The two ends can be interchanged in many ways, so that an articulated set can have two compressors, one compressor or no compressor present, your choice.  In fact, if you have a flare for the dynamic, you can even interchange ends of various cars, it is your layout and your cars, enjoy them.

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