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Watch a Convention Car get personalized with Laser Printing

Watch a Convention Car get personalized with Laser Printing.  Our laser vendor is ready to go, to personalize your car with your own words or slogan.  Watch how it is done.  Simple, clean, neat.   Note: the container was originally painted blue over a white molded plastic  The vendor recommended we change to a black painted container after multiple tests on many different colors.  Physics is that the laser affects the black paint differently (black absorbs more of the laser light) than other colors and allows a quicker burn in letters.  Vendor has indicated that it takes 4 passes of the laser to completely remove the black paint and expose the white molded plastic.  Watch as the four laser passes results in a great finish. Look closely and note the paint fly as the heat shimmers over the container.

You can also watch a short section of a worker adding finishing details to a container door.  Look close, it is our LCCA look alike container being finished at the Lionel Factory.  the last portion of the video shows work done on another LCCA Container project.