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LCCA Makes TV News in Des Moines IA

The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) recently made an appearance on the Des Moines IA local KCCI TV news broadcast.  On May 30 and 31st, the LCCA was at the Holiday Inn Hotel in downtown Des Moines IA hosting a two day train show commemorating the LCCA’s 45th Anniversary.  LCCA TV station KCCI was there to catch a glimpse of the show and talk with current LCCA President Dennis DeVito.  The LCCA was founded in Des Moines IA in 1970 by Club Founder and Charter member #1 Jim Gates along with 83 other charter members.  The purpose of the LCCA is to promote and foster an interest in Lionel trains.  The LCCA hosted this two day train show as part of its Special Events program.  LCCA members and guests had a lot of fun during this show.  Special thanks to LCCA volunteer hosts Bob VerHoef, Jim Gates and his family for making this event such a family friendly, fun train show.  The LCCA truly is “The Best Toy Train Club On The Planet!”   Please visit the link below to view this KCCA video newscast.

About the LCCA – 
The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) is a national, not-for profit, volunteer organization of 12,000 members which was formed by Jim Gates of Perry IA along with 83 other charter members back in 1970.  The club has grown over the years and has over 12,000 members from all around the world, but predominantly in the US.  The purpose of the club is to "promote and foster interest, research, education and enjoyment of Lionel trains from 1900 to the present in particular and by association, all toy trains in general.  The motto of our club is “ A Lifetime of Happiness Collecting Lionel Trains”. 

Current LCCA President Dennis DeVito has established a club goal of reaching out and having direct contact with at least 2500 LCCA members and family members this year with the Special Events Program.  President DeVito and the entire LCCA Board of Directors are committing the resources to this family oriented Special Events Program in an effort to expand the club by recruiting new members, retaining current members and promoting the hobby.  We are constantly reaching out and trying to attract new and younger people who may have never experienced the magic of Lionel trains.  We have several LCCA Special Events scheduled in various cities all around the country.  For more information about the LCCA and Special Events go to the "Special Events" tab on our website