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Mint Car Design Contest

We have heard it said that product design of a new Lionel product really is not that hard.  Well let's see.  The LCCA will sponsor a Mint Car design contest with the winning design submitted to Lionel to produce an LCCA exclusive product.  For those of you who have said for years, "why don't they make the cars I want", here is your chance to "have it your way".  

A template to use is available at this
Link to the Mint Car Body Template.  Good luck.

Have you ever wanted to design
 your very own train car?
Now’s your chance! 

 LCCA is hosting a design competition and if your
design is selected, we’ll offer YOUR car to the entire membership!

Here’s the template – let your creative self go. You can enter as many designs as you like!
Entry Guidelines:
1. All entries must be submitted by December 31, 2014 and received by Jan 9, 2015.
2. Make as many copies of this template as you wish - Enter as often as you like.
3. There must be no personally identifiable information. Only your member number can and must be on the back of the template submission.  Submissions with any other information with be immediately disqualified.
4. Keep a copy for yourself. All entries become the property of LCCA for later use.
5. ALL entries MUST be mailed in to Business office. Paper entries only will be accepted.  If you create your design digitally, you
must print it and mail it in. No scans, no e-mail entries.
6. Officers/Directors in LCCA and Lionel employees are ineligible.
7. Judging will be based on graphics, manufacturability (i.e. getting between rivets is tough), and affiliation of car with the LCCA
(this is not necessary, but will be a consideration).  We will ask Lionel manufacturing to help select from finalists.
8. If desired, a written explanation or concept detail may be provided and be part of the entry but must NOT contain any personally identifiable markings, (i.e. RM 6758 – drawing and write-up on back of submission)
9. Windows are shown and can be a design element
10. Bottom must have an LCCA marking/build date. This need not be done by MEMBER but will be included in final design by
11. Load shown is shown in bars on template.  But as you know, Lionel has a smoke pallet car, a glitter car, etc. Any load can be requested but must be readily available without additional tooling.
12. Trucks for this exercise will be considered the same for all. You can specify different trucks but the risk to be able to use them is on you. Trucks can be offered in colors – but affects cost.
13. Graphics must be PG rated, can be road name, city, building, business, really anything you feel will be a winning entry.
14. Graphics will be positive and not reflect negatively on any group or organization.
15. No hardware can be added or deleted to this car.  
16. Winning design gets naming rights and two examples of this car if it is produced.
17. Full size template is available on the LCCA website.
18. Any submitted questions will be answered on the website. Keep posted.

C’mon everyone — just download your template and send us your designs!