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"What the LCCA Survey Says" - Poll Question 1

In a new program to share a little info and to have a lot of fun, the LCCA will be posting a poll question every Monday Morning.  Please take this poll to test out how this works.  This survey is set to allow only one answer per computer.  There will be an output screen to share the results with all.

Goal is to have a new poll question pop up every Monday.  The answer from prior polls will be posted for members to see.  Once we get going (next Poll active Monday 3/3) the system will weekly automatically shut one down and be replaced by the next survey set of questions.  The questions will be thoughtful and meaningful.  A results posted in an orderly and understandable fashion, these weekly questions should help develop an interesting and thought provoking discussions while identifying hobby trends.

This is our first active poll question.  Question 2 will be posted on Monday 3/3..

Poll Question 1

You can only answer these questions once.  Thanks for participating in this poll!

From the LCCA Survey Project Team