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LCCA Product Delivery updates as of February 7

Product updates - There is good news on the product front - some long awaited LCCA products have shipped.  Other product is scheduled for later this month. 

  • The 2013 Southern LCCA Single Door Convention Car (the perfect companion to the 2013 convention on-site car) was delayed, partly due to weather but is scheduled into our business office February 11.  As of now, this car should should ship and be received by members by February 21. 
  • The Texas Special Diesel/Calf/Mint car sets are at our fulfillment house and have been integrated with the Made in USA billboard and commemorative billboard insert.  Address labels have been prepared and this product is now expected to ship from our fulfillment house in PA on Monday and Tuesday.  Expect this set by February 19.   
  • The three cars of the Texas Special add on set have been approved and are scheduled to be received by the LCCA at the end of February 2014.  Sets should start shipping to members shortly after.    
  • The design of the 2014 44th Annual Convention Operating Monon Boxcar has been approved and released to produce the prototype car.  A change in ordering method would make the 2014 Convention Car available much earlier next year.  NOTE:  because of the shortened lead on this car, the cut off period for orders is now April 1, 2014 - See More Click Here
  • The New Lou Caponi Signature Coal Train has been received by our business office in IL.  The business office is inserting the color matched MADE in USA billboard and the commemorative billboard insert sheet.  This process should be finished and all orders should be shipped by the end of the month and received by members by Early March.  We tentatively expected this entire set to be shipping by Valentine's day, but may take a week or two longer.  Note - only 500 of these sets were available.  They will all come with a color matched billboard frame and a commemorative sheet of billboard inserts. 
These schedules are current as of today February 7, but are subject to revision.  Recent changes in Lionel's production methods and delivery efforts have made us cautiously confident of future delivery schedules.  Until that time, current schedules are always subject to slippage.  I am painfully aware that these dates reflect further delays from the last report.  Please review often for latest update. 

Thanks to all members who have purchased these cars and sets.  In addition to helping the club, you own a classic, well designed and highly collectible item.

Dennis DeVito

LCCA President