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New LCCA Member Cesar Buono's (RM 31699) Home Layout video

Recently, the Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) had an opportunity to meet with new LCCA RM 31699 Cesar Buono and video tape his impressive layout at his home in Camp Hill PA.  Cesar's highly detailed layout is still under construction, but you can click on the video link below to view some of the finished parts and learn more about Cesar and his layout project.

Click on the link below to view the video invitation.

Thank you Cesar for your hospitality and sharing your layout with fellow LCCA members and visitors to our website.   We look forward to seeing updates on your progress as you continue to work on your layout.  After all, an layout is never finished.  Thank You!

We encourage other members to consider submitting articles, photos, and/or  videos of their layouts to the LCCA for possible publication in one of our club's magazines or posting on our website and face book page  If you want to submit an article or a video, please send them to me at   This is your club, and I encourage your involvement.  Every article in The Lion Roar, Interchange Track and our Junior Member publication The Lion Cub is written by a member.  I am certain other members will  really enjoying seeing and reading about your layout projects.

Please keep us posted on the status of your layouts.

Best regards,

Al Kolis
Immediate Past President & Special Events Manager Lionel Collectors Club of America