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LCCA offers Prospector

This dynamic tinplate set is being offered by the LCCA to those members who enjoy the noise, sounds and fell of Pre-war tinplate.  This three car set is offered in a striking color combination - and carrying the Denver and Rio Grande Nameplate.

This striking train set is being offered in two versions - While being offered at the same prince, each version has its own features.  LCCA members many purchase a total of 1 set - choose the version that best meets your needs and interests.

Version 1 - WITH SOUND
The Prospector Train Set with sound includes these features in the #616 power car:
3.0 sound system
Passenger station effects
Electronic reverse unit
Streaming smoke, vibrant whistle and clanging bell (available in this version only)
Flywheel -equipped motor
smooth drive train to pull the metal cars
Die-Cast metal and tin body
Die-Cast chassis
All-metal wheels and gears
Speed control
Operating headlight


The Prospector Train Set without sound includes these features in the #616 power car:
Build-a-loco AC motor
Conventional mode operation
Die-Cast metal and tin body
Die-Cast chassis
Operating headlight
All-metal wheels and gears

Features of the Passenger Cars (both versions)
A passenger Car and an Observation Car
Die-cast metal and tin bodies
All-metal four wheel trucks
Metal Wheels and axles
Constant voltage lighting
Interior lighting built-in to each vestibule

This set is being offered with two payment plans - a full payment plan and a purchase option with a deposit due now.  This set can be purchased in the store -LCCA Store.  Make sure select the correct option from the web store.

Option to print flyer and mail in Prospector Train Set Promo Flyer v2, 4-09-13.pdf