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Great Train Excursions During the LCCA 2010 Convention in Denver (video)

During our recent 40th Anniversary Annual Convention in Denver, registered club members had several opportunities to enjoy scenic train excursions. Watch motive power pulling train cars full of enthusiastic LCCA Conventioneers and family guests through the picturesque landscape of Colorado. Enjoy the video taken during our July 26th LCCA/UP steam train excursion from Denver to Cheyenne, WY. Look for the unique lettering on the coal tender of UP #844 - “Lionel Lines”. Union Pacific arranged this modification especially for the LCCA. Also included is footage from our Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad excursion in the Rocky Mountains. The scenery from our July 29th Royal Gorge Route train excursion is absolutely breathtaking.

For those members who were able to enjoy these train rides, thank you for your participation and support. We hope you’ll enjoy reliving portions of your railroading experience. For those of you who were unable to attend, we hope you’ll enjoy viewing these mini-reports as a first venture by the club. These train excursions are another example of a benefit of being a member of the LCCA. Watch and enjoy what our fellow LCCA members experienced in Denver. We definitely had a lot of fun!