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New Haven #209 Passenger Train - Remake from 1958

Club members may place orders now for the LCCA limited-edition offer of the remake of the Lionel 1958 New Haven #209 Alco A-A passenger train. Two purchase plans are available: payment in full or payment in installments.

HEADS UP - this unique and collectible train has been offered to the public via CTT and OGR magazine ads and through the club's website, and newbies are joining the club in order to be eligible to purchase it. So order your train now! The deadline for ordering is April 30, 2007.

Order it online at the LCCA STORE or use the order form published in the October 2006 issue of The Lion Roars.

Originally named "The Merchant's Special," this rare train was shown at the LCCA Convention in Denver. Later on, LCCA will offer three additional pieces for this train to the purchasers of the initial offer: a matching B unit, combine car, and baggage car.