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OPEN & INSPECT your LCCA Cannon Car upon arrival


Some members who received their two add-on cars for this LCCA-sponsored train set – the Gunpowder Car and the Cannon Car – have discovered that the Cannon Car was damaged during shipment. LCCA is collaborating with Lionel® for a solution. Members who received a damaged Cannon Car are entitled to a new replacement car.

Please open your Cannon Car and inspect it; don't set it aside in your "collector closet" until later. LATER may be too late for a remedy. Please follow this procedure.

1) IMPORTANT! OPEN AND INSPECT YOUR CANNON CAR FOR POSSIBLE DAMAGE DURING SHIPMENT. Damage may not be obvious at first glance, so look carefully. If there isn’t any damage, there’s no need to do anything further.

2) If your Cannon Car was damaged in transit, please report the damage immediately. Send a brief e-mail message to: (Lou Caponi, LCCA President) - NOT to the LCCA Business Office nor to another LCCA officer. This is the only valid method for activating the replacement process with assurance of accuracy. Please, no phone calls to President Caponi – except as noted in #3 below. The offer of a new replacement Cannon Car is timely, so don’t procrastinate! After 3-15-07, neither LCCA nor Lionel may be able to assist you.

3) If you don’t have access to e-mail, it’s OK to call President Caponi at: 484-431-8529.

4) There is no “quick and easy fix” for a damaged Cannon Car. Lionel will not make parts available to repair a broken car - no exceptions.    

5) LCCA will provide – at no cost to members – a UPS CALL TAG. Place the Cannon Car in its box and carefully wrap it inside a shipping box for pick up by the UPS delivery person in your area. NOTE: return the Cannon Car and its orange and blue box (only); not the companion Gunpowder Car or the car set box.
6) A new replacement Cannon Car will be provided to members who respond appropriately. There will be no charges to members; not even S&H fees.

7) Members who report damage but FAIL TO RETURN the damaged Cannon Car will receive a new replacement Cannon Car. Such "non-returners" will be charged $119.95 and will receive ONLY the car (not the entire set and not the black carton). Members can avoid this charge by returning the damaged car as requested by LCCA.

8) Lionel is aware of this shipping problem. The company and LCCA are doing our best to “make it right.” We apologize for any inconvenience.