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LCCA Offers Stand Alone Walking Brakeman Figure with Flag

Remember the flag waving walking brakeman car offered to celebrate the joining of the LCCA and the Lionel Railroader's Club (LRRC).  This was a special figure holding a flag produced in limited quantities for the LCCA.  The flag offered is dual sided, one with the LCCA and one with the LRRC logos.

The LCCA purchased an extremely limited number of these figurines to offer as replacements for either the LCCA car or perhaps to replace or retrofit most any walking brakeman car from the MPC era and beyond.

More about this figure was published in the October 2019 issue of TLR, with a snip-it reprinted here.  

"In recent years, Lionel has produced its version of the walking brakeman cars, ranging from a Union Pacific Automobile brakeman car to one for the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. Not long ago, the LCCA produced an extra brakeman for the 2015 LCCA Walking Brakeman Car. Unlike the figures from prior brakeman cars, the LCCA’s figure has an added feature. It holds a flag that can be changed out with either the included American flag or an LCCA flag. LCCA’s original plan was to eventually offer the extra figures as a replacement for your other walking brakeman car. If you missed purchasing the 2015 club car, you can still get the flag-holding brakeman for your older walking brakeman car.

But what if you have a walking brakeman car from pre-2015? Will this figure work on an older model? Good news, yes, it will! All the modern walking brakeman cars have the same metal pole that comes out of the top and the flag holding figure will fit easily on all of the modern cars.  This flag figure is a great addition to any of the walking brakeman cars or even just a stand-alone figure on your layout. If you do have this figure, it might be difficult to get the flags through the bottom hand of the brakeman. To fix this problem, just bend the flag to make it fit into the second hole on the bottom of the figure’s head.  But what about you collectors who eat, sleep, and breath only Lionel postwar? The modern walking brakeman flag might work for you, too." 

See the October 2019 issue for more details on this subject.  Mounting instructions are available on line  - Click Here

To see the original offer for the car from 2015 PLUS A VIDEO  - Click Here 

Limited quantities are available in the online LCCA store (Click Here - Check out Miscellaneous icon) and will ship until quantities run out. The figures with shipping are $10 each.