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LCCA Offers 2019 Registration Trolley for Sale

LCCA Offers the 2019 Registration Trolley for Sale to Members

This Carson City/Virginia City Trolley was manufactured by Lionel exclusively for use as the Registration Gift for the 2019 Reno Convention.  This special trolley was produced with "Virginia City" printed on one side and "Carson City" on the other to celebrate our Virginia and Truckee Convention train ride from Carson City to Virginia City.

There are a few units of the original 400 which have been returned to the business office from Reno and are being offered for sale. Now that the convention is over, these special units are available for sale to members, whether they attended the convention or were not able to do so.  Price of this exceptional unit is $99.00 plus $13.00 freight.

There are not many of this units available as most were supplied to attending members.  Once gone, they will not be reproduced.  If interested in purchasing this gem, act now before the train leaves the station.  This item is available for immediate shipping.

Below is the original ad for this trolley in the June 2019 TLR