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Update on Reno Tour 1 - First Phase Sold Out - More seats to come

Just received word that we have completely sold out on Reno Tour 1 - the Carson City State Railroad Museum, Virginia And Truckee Train Ride and the Virginia City Piper Opera House.  Dienzel is working with the folks in Reno to develop and establish a similar tour 1B.  There is nothing yet decided and in spite of the still rough weather in Reno, we expect an answer soon on an alternative tour option.  We are told that we should get an answer by Friday March 15 latest.  Please check back often as we hope to get a definitive-update before then.  If you are planning on attending the convention our new store allows you add tours and events after your first visit.  So if you are coming, you can sign up for existing tours and events.  The store will be open for you to address your Tour 1 option once a final determination is made.

Thanks for your continued support of the LCCA.  As evidenced by this sold out tour 1, Reno is shaping up to be a very successful convention.  if you are able to attend, sign up for tours early.  Don't miss out. (#LCCARENO)