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LIONEL/LCCA Red Carpet Sale

LIONEL/LCCA Red Carpet Sale

Mark your calendar for March 22-23 and plan to attend this two-day Red Carpet Event that will be a memory-maker! This first-of-its-kind co-sponsored event will be a private showing of the Lionel facility presented to LCCA members. The general public will not be invited. more

LCCA Has Successful WGHOT Show in Fort Worth TX (recap)

We started off this year with a very successful event during the January 5-6, 2013 World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour (WGHOT) show in Fort Worth Texas. Members in Texas had an opportunity to re-connect with LCCA President Dennis DeVito and Convention Co-manager “Choo Choo” Bob Carter and local members more

May 4, 2013 LCCA Will Be Back In Norfolk VA For A Charity Special Event.

The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) had a phenomenal 42nd annual Convention in Norfolk VA, last summer. The LCCA is going back to Norfolk VA this Spring for a Special Charity Event. On Saturday, May 4, 2013, the LCCA and Paul Sharp will host a Special Fundraiser Charity Event to benefit the Trains of Thought Center Project being run by the Norfolk Initiative for Chess Excellence (NICE), Norfolk, VA. more

Dec 7-30 - Charleston, SC -Artist Angela Trotta Thomas (Event Recap)

LCCA member, Angela Trotta Thomas (RM 13961) had a very successful and well attended art gallery exhibition in Charleston, SC from Friday, December 7 -31, 2012. Angela showed her new paintings of Lionel Trains at her art exhibition at Coco Vivo Gallery in Charleston SC. more

April 27 - LCCA Special Event returns to Lewisville, NC

The LCCA will return to the home of Rich and Kathy Dissosway (RM 28158) in Lewisville, NC on Saturday April 27 from 3:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. for a Train&Operating Session on their large layout with trains running on 5 different levels through 3 rooms. more

March 2-3,2013 "The Florida Special" Train Show (near Tampa FL)

The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) invites you to attend a two-day public train show to be held near Tampa Florida on Saturday March 2, 2013 and Sunday March 3, 2012 at the Manatee Convention Center in Palmetto FL. LCCA member Bob Eberley and other local LCCA members are on the team hosting this train show. more

April 27/28 Joint LCCA/CTTG Train Auction

The Colorado Toy Train Group, LLC, and the Lionel Collectors Club of America will co-sponsor their fifth public toy train auction on April 27th and 28th. The auction will be held at The Ranch, 11887 Tejon Street, Westminster, Colorado. Bidders will have an incredible array of G, HO, N, O and S Gauge trains and accessories to bid on, spread throughout 850+ lots of toy trains. more

Weds, April 17 - April York LCCA Get-Together

LCCA members, family and friends are all invited to attend a casual, informal get together on Wednesday evening April 17, 2013 at Smokey Bones Restaurant and Bar in York, PA 17404 (717-846-3760). This will be a Dutch Treat event starting at 6:30 PM till? This Annual Special event is a great opportunity to meet with fellow members from all over the country. more

Two ongoing LCCA Special Events - thru month end

There are two current ongoing Special Events - on in Charleston, SC and one in North Little Rock AR. These events will remain open and ongoing till the end of the month. more

Dec 15, 2012 Special Holiday Season Charity Events (Recap)

We had two great Special holiday season charity Events on Saturday 12-15-12. During the Day, Bob VerHoef and Pam Richardson hosted a great "Christmas in Iowa "Open House and Train Show" event in Leland Iowa. Later during the evening Woody and Madeline Hickman hosted an open house event at their home in Dallas TX more