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News from the LCCA Product Development Shop

News from the LCCA Product Development Shop

Some members who ordered this three-piece building set may be puzzled when they receive only TWO boxes from LCCA. One box contains two pieces, and the other box contains one piece; thus all three pieces are accounted for. We realize some members may not immediately open the shipping boxes to see what’s inside, but there’s no cause for worry about a “missing” piece. more
Order your Burlington #216 train now with a $125 deposit

Order your Burlington #216 train now with a $125 deposit

The club is proud to offer this modern version of the extremely rare 1958 Lionel Diesel Set #1600 with all-new Magne-traction plus horn and bell sounds. Members can purchase this train as a Basic Set with four pieces for $469.95 or as an Extended Set with eight pieces for $699.90. There are no extra charges for S&H&I. All who purchase the Extended Set will receive a $50 discount coupon that can be applied to a future purchase of Lionel products at your favorite Lionel authorized dealer. more
A New First

A New First

At the 2009 LCCA Convention in Sacramento, CA, LCCA introduced the first of a planned series of die-cast vehicles produced especially for club members by Diecast Direct, Inc. of Frankfort, Kentucky. more

News from the LCCA Product Development Shop

The premiere of the new three-piece Legacy™ building set is presented to club members in the October 2009 issue of The Lion Roars club magazine. Designed by LCCA and Produced by Lionel® as a limited edition for our members, the set includes a Switch Tower, Crossing Shanty, and Amtrak Passenger Shelter. more

Tips for Operating the New Haven #209 Train

Some members have asked how they can improve the performance of their New Haven #209 train outfit. Here are some suggestions: more

Delivery of the NH #209 Passenger Train

The LCCA Business Office has completecd shipping the NH #209 trains to club members who ordered them. Many members have reported the safe-n-sound arrival of their trains. more

OGR Magazine Article about LCCA

An eight-page article about the LCCA "Halloween" General train is included in RUN 230 of O GAUGE RAILROADING magazine. Author Ed Boyle presented the history of the uncatalogued original "Halloween" General train set produced by Lionel in 1960 for distribution to Gifts Galore stores; then followed-up with LCCA's remaking this important train in creative collaboration with Lionel. more

LATEST STATUS REPORT: Delivery Info about NH #209 Pass'gr Train

GOOD NEWS & GOOD NOISE! Lionel Has Included Bell Sound in the NH #209 Passenger Train more

NEWS UPDATE: Replacement Box Liner & Cannon Car

A replacement box liner for the three "Halloween" General Add-on Cars was mailed in mid-September to members who ordered these cars. The cut-outs of this replacement liner are slightly larger than the original, and it will accommodate the three cars in the box carton without tearing the liner. more

LATEST UPDATE: Shipping the Cannon Car

The cannons in this new car are permanently affixed to the car body, so they cannot get loose inside the car and cause damage. more