LCCA Announces Post Reno Convention Tour!
Dienzel Dennis has again organized a Post Convention tour immediately following the 2019 Reno Convention! This 4 day - 3 night tour would be a great adventure to add to the enjoyment of our western states and the historic and sizable mountains. Read More :.

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With Tour 1 scheduled for Monday July 15 completely sold out, Tour 1B has been announced as an alternative. Read More :.

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2018 Convention Car scheduled to ship by February 15, 2019
For those who ordered the 2018 Convention Car, this car is expected to be received in the LCCA business office next week and should be shipped to members starting on or before February 15. All members should receive their ordered cars by month end depending on time to ship. Read More :.

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Electrical Power Demystified
Ever wonder how the wonder of Lionel works? What does a battery, a magnet, and a paperclip have in common with your favorite Lionel engine? Read More :.

April 28, 2019 - LCCA Regional Swap Meet, Rockford, IL
Join LCCA for a great event - The Regional Train Swap Meet in Rockford, Illinois. Free to the public and members. Read More :.

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NEW VERSION 2.0 Modular Railroad Manual
The New Version 2.0 Lionel/LCCA Modular Layout has been released containing 20 additional pages and includes the plans for a new small radius module and several module layouts. Manual is now available for viewing, printing and use. Build a module for yourself. Read More :.

See a 1903 Lionel Trolley in Action!
See a Lionel #5 Trolley from 1903 in Action! Read More :.

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New HSL Program - 50th Anniversary Gift to Members
Through the courtesy of Lionel and a business relationship with John Holtmann's HSL Inc (HSL), the LCCA is proud to offer the complete O gauge work first offered by HSL including the complete digital history of Lionel catalogs, Lionel produced magazines including The Lionel Magazine, Model Builder and Inside Track and other Lionel publications and advertising. Read More :.

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