Lionel Announces Exclusive LCCA Triplex Vision Line Locomotive
Lionel Announces Exclusive LCCA Triplex Vision Line Locomotive. This week, Lionel Announced another installment of exclusive LCCA Vision line locomotives. This year's issue is a highly detailed model of the massive Triplex locomotive easily identified with its three sets of drive wheels - with one of the sets of drive wheels directly under the tender. Only LCCA Members can order this version, Don't miss out! Read More :.

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Recap of the LCCA 2023 Annual Convention in Concord
The LCCA 53rd Annual Convention was held in Concord, North Carolina, the home of Lionel. Over 400 members (800 in total) attended. Lionel assisted in the planning. The joint efforts of Lionel and the LCCA resulted in a Great convention. This recap of this wonderful week gives a great summary of one of the BEST LCCA CONVENTIONS YET! Read More :.

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LCCA visits the home layout of Al and Cindy Matey
LCCA cameras got the opportunity to explore our member Al (RM9942) and Cindy Matey’s comprehensive train collection. Read More :.

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Lionel releases most recent Catalog
The New Lionel 2023 Big Book Catalog has been released and on our LCCA website as the next fun filled ‘Wish Book’ for us to explore and enjoy. As with past catalogs, the LCCA website includes almost all the Lionel consumer catalogs published form 1900 to this most recent 2023 catalog. Read More :.

NEW - Lionel Catalog Scans for years 1996-2010
NEW - Lionel Catalog Scans for years 1996-2010. These newly added scans cover the Lionel Catalogs issued in the years 1996-2010. With all Lionel Catalogs from 1900 to 1995 available in the printed archives of this website and Lionel Catalogs from 2011 to current on the Lionel site, the LCCA website offers ALL LIONEL CATALOGS FROM 1900 TO CURRENT. An added bonus is the inclusion of Century Club Catalogs. Read More :.

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LCCA Offsets Postal Cost Increases
In the last few years, postage rate increases have become more frequent and have increased the cost of business for all organizations, the LCCA being no exception with its almost 90,000 magazines and other pieces of mail per year to members. If left unchecked, these additional costs would lead to increases in annual dues with no increase in services or benefits. In an effort to offset these increases, Read More :.

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Introducing Patrick Cudzilo, LCCA's new Junior Member Coordinator!
Hi Jr. Members! I want to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Patrick Cudzilo and I am the new Jr. Members club coordinator!! I am really excited to start my new position as your director and to keep this the best train club on the planet! Read More :.

Review of Recent Updates and Upgrades to Lionel Fastrack
After 20 years, Lionel FasTrack has become a successful transition from the earlier tubular track, offering many advantages in use and applications. Much of the success of FasTrack has to do with the track itself, its attractive geometry and of course its more realistic appearance with simulated ties and roadbed. Here is a short history of FasTrack along with a chart of select sizes for the most efficient use of filling straight track gaps. Read More :.

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December 2 & 3, 2023 - LCCA at Nebraska Iowa Railroaders Train & Toy Show
Holiday Train & Toy Show at the Oakview Mall. Read More :.

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