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June 4 & 5 2016 - LCCA Attends NIRRH&MS Toy Train Meet Omaha NE (Recap)

This two Day event was well attended. It was so busy at the LCCA table that Bob didn’t manage to get the names of two of the Raffle Prize winners. The attendance was believed to be approximately 1000. Actually this event was held at a new location and the NIRRG&MS invested in paid advertising that according to results more than paid for the expense. 

The LCCA signed up 5 new members NS had 22 members sign in.

 LCCA Host Bob VerHoef with member
Bill Dadwalader and his raffle prize
 The Trading Hall
 Raffle prize winner LCCA Member Jim Flower
 Rafle prize winner LCCA Member Ron Bond
 LCCA Host Bob VerHoef at the LCCA Table
Unidentified by happy Raffle Prize Winner
Unidentified by happy Raffle Prize Winner