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LCCA’s New Video Update Series

LCCA’s New Video Update Series

The LCCA’s intrepid Secretary, Andy Dubill is in process of recording a series of videos for our membership which you’ll find both entertaining and helpful. The club values our members and we want them to use all of the many benefits the club has to offer. Andy is in contact with our membership on a daily basis, handling a myriad of questions about the club, its products, special events, conventions, etc. After more than two years on the job, Andy felt it would be helpful to share more information about the club and its benefits in a video format. Enlisting the help of the club’s Photographer and Videographer, Ed Richter, Andy has completed the initial series of short videos introducing many of the LCCA’s benefits and programs to both longtime members and those who have just joined. The first six videos will serve to peel back the first layer of how to effectively use your LCCA membership. All you need to do is follow the links below to see the first two videos where Andy shares information about the series. Stand by as more videos in the series come your way. And, a special thank to Andy and Ed for their work on this exciting project!

Harry Hampson, LCCA President

Introduction Video #1 - Introduction to the "LCCA Update Video Series Initial Offerings"

First in a series of five initial update videos for members of the LCCA.  Goal is to promote use of all of our LCCA benefits by our members and to address questions members may have about our club.  These videos highlight different areas in each short highlight segment.  The LCCA and its leadership want to assist members to find out about and use our tremendous set of LCCA benefits.  If you have questions about any of the information presented or suggestions for future topics for similar video updates that you will be able to access through the LCCA Member Website please email them to

Introduction Video #2 - The LCCA Website

Our second video highlights the Official LCCA Website  Our website is jam packed with information about the LCCA and model train collecting - it can be a bit intimidating to a first time user.  We will cover how to access the LCCA website and how to obtain your password to sign in.  The first stop on our website tour will be a introduction to the home page and then a review of the information a member can access from the red stripe that runs across the website.  Areas covered include the how to join section, LCCA Store, LCCA Special Events, LCCA Newsstand, Junior Member area, Ask our Experts and the Lionel LLC Connection.  We will also highlight the LCCA Historical Model Train Archive (Used to be known as the HSL Archive)

We also want to hear from YOU

We also want to hear from you, our members. So, once you see the video series, please let Andy know specific areas of the LCCA about which you might like to know more. Andy will work with our leadership team to see if we might add additional topics. You can reach Andy at email address Thank you for belonging to and supporting “The Best Toy Train Club on the Planet! ™