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52nd Anniversary Nashville Convention Blog - #LCCANashville

With our Scranton convention cancelled (hopefully to be rescheduled in Scranton in the near future) our focus is now on Nashville in 2022 (July 25-30, 2022).  Much has already been done on events, tours and commemorative products.  This blog will document updates to and will follow Nashville Convention developments.  #LCCANashville

6-2-2021 -  The logo and the pin design for the Nashville Convention has been approved and will soon be on LCCA correspondence and print work.  In honor our host city, this logo will be in the shape of a guitar pick representing the music history of Nashville.    As Nashville is more than just music and has so much more to offer, the logo will have a train on it (of course) and highlight Nashville in 2022.  Speaking of trains, Nashville will offer convention attendees an opportunity for an EXCEPTIONAL train ride.  And to see Nashville from every viewpoint, a riverboat offering will take us downtown and then some - lets expect good cruising weather!  This and much more await members attending in 2020. #LCCANashville 

5-28-2021 - This is Memorial Day Weekend, remembering our Fallen Heroes,  it is also the time when our final Nashville logo and pin designs were selected and submitted for final approval.  During the past month, Dienzel, our Convention Tour Director, has been working to select the best Nashville has to offer for our tours.  A few areas have been locked in with contracts, but there are a number of sites still under consideration.  #LCCANashville 

5-18-2021 - The entertainment for the Get Acquainted Party has been contacted and they have agreed to perform not only for the GAP, but also may be available for other events and venues during the week.  More on this in upcoming blog postings.  


5-10-2021 - Work has begun to design and prepare the Nashville Convention logo.  As in prior years, there will be a logo created that will be used for all print, publication and web site references to the convention.  And as in past years, a pin with the logo will be created for members who would like a small, but permanent memento from the convention.  These pins have become quite collectable over time and with the expectation of a large attendance as the country opens up and everyone would like to travel, this year will be no exception.  #LCCANashville

4-22-2021 - The preconvention site inspection team is back home, but in many ways work has just started.  Certainly, the site selection has been completed, as well as the hotel contracts back in 2018.  Now that the convention clock has started running, venues are being considered, day and night tours looked at, and notes are being reviewed to decide which venues will make the final cut.  GAP entertainment, banquet menus, location in the hotel of various activities, (registration, modular layouts, store, etc) are being finalized.  We have moved from a forward looking posture to now starting to establish the details and specifics that make the convention special.  #LCCANashville

4-15-2021  After 2 days, it was confirmed that there are far more exciting things to see and to tour in Nashville that can fit into a 6 day convention.   Nashville claims about itself "Nashville’s connection to music is unequaled, and its reputation as Music City has been consistently proven for over 200 years. Welcome to the city where music is written, recorded and performed every single day. Welcome to Music City".  This may be true, but the recent trip to Nashville also determined that there is so much more to see in Nashville that is independent of its claim as the Music City!  There is So Much More in Nashville than Music.  Members attending will not be disappointed.  #LCCANashville

4-13-2021 - The LCCA sent a preconvention site inspection team to the 2022 Nashville hotel.  Goal was to review scheduled hotel lobby renovations.  A solid was was removed that separated the hotel lobby from the hotel restaurant. The removal of this wall opened up the sight lines from the entrance where you can now view past the lobby and restaurant right into the pool area.  A second task was to  the readiness of the hotel and its staff in light of Covid and the resulting disruption in the leisure industry and in particular this hotel.  The team reported that the hotel is still at somewhat normal operations and is expected to be ready in July 2022.  All reserved rooms for events and actives were confirmed.  A third purpose was to start the tour selection process, to find what was available, how to select the venues to tour and how to schedule the many alternatives in a meaningful way.  Multiple sites in the Nashville area were reviewed with local county officials. #LCCANashville

2-9-2021 - LCCA announces that after the cancellation of the anticipated 51th Anniversary Convention in Scranton, Pennsylvania, our next convention will be held in Nashville, Tennessee,  The celebration of the 52th Convention will be a major event in the history of the club as for the first time it will be 3 years since we last met .  All members are encouraged to "save the dates" (July 25-30, 2022) and meet in Nashville in 2022!  Reminder, the 2022 Nashville convention dates returns to the fourth full week in July.  To read more about the Scranton cancellation - Click Here.  #LCCANashville