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LCCA - First 25 Years of History!

On this page is the history of the first 25 Years of the LCCA prepared for our 25th Anniversary Celebration.  If you are interested in learning more about the LCCA, its early years and how we grew into the Best Model Train Club on the Planet, start here.  Originally published just prior to our 25th anniversary in 1995, this comprehensive review was first published in The Lion Roars starting August 1995 and continued for 6 parts till June of 1996 and our 25th Convention in Des Moines, Iowa, home of our founding back in 1970.

History of The LCCA - The First 25 Years

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  Part 1   

Through an Interview with Jim Gates, CM #1, Here's How the LCCA Began!

August 1995

Reprint Here

  Part 2
First Years of the LCCA, 1970-75

October 1995

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  Part 3

Second Half of the LCCAs First Decade, 1976-80

December 1995

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  Part 4

Start of the LCCA's Second Decade, 1981-85

February 1996
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  Part 5  

Through the LCCA's Second Decade, 1986-90

April 1996

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  Part 6
Leading to the LCCA's 25tth Anniversary , 1991-95

June 1996

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