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ATTENTION ALL LCCA MEMBERS - 2015 LCCA Annual Convention Car.

The 2015 LCCA On-site Convention Car (Flat bed with Two (2) Anniversary Trailers) was a huge hit with our members and is nearly SOLD OUT. . . . !

We knew this item was going to be an awesome companion piece to the 2015 LCCA Convention Cars ( Flatbed with two Tractor Trucks) that Lionel is about to begin production on.  This is ONE TIME that behind schedule for Lionel means BONUS TIME for OUR members!  Luckily for you, because of the delay, and the overwhelming response to our Convention On-site Car, I am going to extend the order period until August 31. 2015!!!

Additionally, and ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST  -  ALL Members will be allowed to purchase a SECOND 2015 Convention Flatbed with Two Tractor Trucks – With NO additional shipping costs!  NOW is the time to take action and order yours before they are SOLD OUT -  First come, First Served!

These Tractor Trucks have the Great Looking Lionelville™ graphics, so that will fit right in with previous issued Lionelville vehicles, as well as the collectible LCCA Three (3) Vehicle die-cast set now in production and being offered by the club – a word to the smart collector - DON’T MISS OUT ON THE VEHICLE SET EITHER  ! ! !

Every model railroad needs a complete transportation system, and the 2015 LCCA Convention Flatbed with Two Tractor Trucks is a great way to build your fleet!

Remember - This is your LAST CHANCE for this special offer to order up to TWO (2) LCCA 2015 Convention Flatbed with two Tractor Trucks ! ! ! 

No need to say anymore! This is your Short Cut to LCCA Collectors Contentment!  Pick up the phone and grab this offer TODAY!  Or better yet,  click on LCCA Store and order your Convention Flatbed with two Tractor Trucks NOW!  Click for LCCA Store

Thanks for your support of our club through your purchase of these great Lionel / LCCA Products!

Al Kolis
President, CEO & Fellow Member
Lionel Collectors Club of America

248 709-4137