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Mike McLintock - New 'The Lion Roars' Editor

Mike McLintock, a long time LCCA member, is the new 'The Lion Roars' (TLR) Editor and his first issue as Editor will be October, 2015.  Mike takes over from Interim Editor Michelle Snyder who has been editor for the last 5 issues.  Michelle has sent a high bar for Mike.  Our expectations are that TLR will be even better as Mike takes the reins of the LCCA Award Winning Magazine.  

Mike has been supporting Michelle for the last two issues and has actively been a driving force in recent public relations and promotional efforts.  Mike is the latest of a long line of TLR editors, most recently Michelle and Mike Mottler.  The LCCA publications, both TLR and the 'Interchange Track' (Editor Barrie Braden), are the heart of the communication of the club.  Together with the LCCA website (, the LCCA has the best communication vehicles in the hobby.  And with Mike at the throttle, they get that much better.

Good Luck Mike - and thanks for taking on this important task from our BOD and from all our Members!

Dennis DeVito
LCCA President